Thursday, November 24, 2011

Truth Is Thursday, Thanksgiving Themed!

First and foremost, I hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Truth is: COWBOYS WON! Whoop-Whoop!!! Turkey Day with a Cowboys win makes digesting much easier.

Truth is: After the game, CBS did a little tribute to all who work behind the scenes. They show pictures of everyone and their families while playing a song. It’s really nice.  Anyway, this year, they played Keith Urban’s Without You, which he wrote for his wife, Nicole Kidman.  I LOVE that song—who doesn’t want a man who loves like that?! I’ll post the video below.

Truth is: This morning, the Christmas music station I listen to did something that even made my mom’s jaw drop. 

In between songs, the DJ started talking about random stuff and then mentioned something about wish lists. I thought she was going to talk about the top toys kids are asking for this season, like they normally do. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

DJ Lady: “…I’ll let you know what single people  are wishing for this holiday season.”

Really? We now have single-people specific wish lists for Santa? And here I always thought wish lists were specific to the individual, regardless of social status.

Couldn’t stick around and find out what topped the single person’s wish list, but I bet whatever it was didn’t match my wish list, since my #1 is sports related.  So…there…you sorta not nice DJ Lady person. *sticking tongue out*

Truth is: I really, really want to ride a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Truth is: My mom’s kitchen smells so good…and the fridge with all the leftovers is the best smelling fridge this side of the moon.

Truth is: Will not be Black Friday shopping.  Will be sitting in front of television for football.  Must be ready for football.  Watching football right now, actually. I do love football.  Can I possibly type football any more times?  Probably. ;)

Truth is:  Think I over-stuffed my tummy.  It’s tradition to over-stuff on Thanksgiving. Definitely lived up to said tradition. 


Here’s the video I mentioned above:


  1. I'm really curious what was on the single person's wish list. Do you remember any of them? You're right about them, since yours is sports related that really has nothing to do with being single. What else could #1 be than somebody else?

  2. Jay: I guess she was only going to say what topped the list and it just took too long before she was going to reveal it, so I missed it. I absolutely believe the number one wish was wanting to find a soul mate. But, that's not something to only wish for at Christmas--it's something that's with us year-round.

    Yep, mine is a wish for one of my teams. :) Love isn't holiday specific--it's like wishing on a star...and stars are up there every night. :)

  3. This is going to be my first holiday season not being single, and I can't say I ever really wished for a boyfriend or anything when I was single, and mine have always been good. If you have family and friends and all that jazz (like tasty food!) then the holidays are gonna rock anyway. It's not all about having a significant other.

  4. I feel about basketball the way you do about you know my wish list includes a request that the NBA end the lockout and get playing already!

  5. That DJ sounds ridiculous. I hope you get to ride on a Macy's parade float someday. I might actually be jealous if that happened.

  6. What kind of float do you want in the Macy's parade? Do you want it to be about you and you alone, would it be Christmas themed, or do you want to be the last (dressed as Santa) in the parade line? When I'm in the parade, I'll perform a song from the latest Broadway musical in which I'm starring.


  7. That 20 Something Virgin: Exactly. I've always had wonderful holidays, even as a singleton. I don't really think too much about the whole single status thing around the holidays. I mean, would it be nice to share this time of year with someone special? Sure, but, like you said, so long as you have family and friends (and good food! lol) it's all good. :)

    Hazel: Thank you, sweetie! :)

    Eva: Oh, that's on my wish list, too. I'm not optimistic, though. :( At least we have college basketball. :)

    Joshua: It really was ridiculous. Couldn't quite believe my ears. lol

    LOL--wouldn't it be so much fun to ride one of those floats?! The parade is such a great tradition. :)

    LOLA: Aw, heck, I'm not picky. lol Suppose I'd like a Christmas theme float...maybe even sit somewhere on the Santa float or something (might even be willing to dress as an elf just to get on that float...maybe not). ;)

    LOL--Love that idea!!! :)

  8. Glad to hear you had an amazing Turkey day! And a Cowboys win to boot? Phew! You must be loving it!

    My family used to head down to the Macy's parade every year when I was a kid, rain or shine. We don't go anymore, though. Jaded New Yorker image to uphold and all. :)

    But, yeah, it's pretty neat. And now it's time to prepare for the big daddy of holidays. I know, like me, that you must be beyond giddy right now.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you sweetie! I hope it wasw wonderful! You know, I've always wanted to go to New York specifically to go to the Macy's parade. I think I'm planning that for next year. You should come with! :)

  10. I know the top of my wish list is some peace and quiet.

    And the Muppets movie.

  11. There's another love song called Without You, Miss Virgin, sung by the late Harry Nilsson.

  12. David: Yeah, those 'Boys kept Cowboys fans waiting until the very last seconds to bring in the win--nerves and a full not the best combo. You must have loved going to the parade! Oh, I'm so giddy and jolly and merry! LOVE the holidays! :)

    Yvonne: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade has been a tradition in my family since I was a little girl. Just love it! If I went, I'd probably have the urge to sneak onto a float and that could be problematic. lol

    Julianna: lol--I haven't seen the Muppets movie yet, but it looks cute.

    GB: Oh, yes, I know that song--bit depressing, as I recall. :/