Thursday, November 3, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. There's nothing so dull as a brain that wants to yawn...and yawn and yawn.

Truth is:  Was so elated Dale Jr. finished 7th last weekend. He drove like a bat outta h-e-l-l.  He definitely delivered a treat.  Perfect timing for Halloween.  The Cowboys on the other hand were in the mood to trick. In fact, I'm not entirely sure they even showed up to play. Oh! Maybe they intentionally lost that game in a miserable way in order to "trick" their future opponents into thinking they aren't a threat. Yeah, uh-huh, that's the theory I'm sticking to.

Truth is: The Halloween Ghost Hunters live event was fun, as always.  It made me want to visit a graveyard or some other abandoned creepy place in the middle of the night and try to talk to any wandering spirits.  Might cure the yawning brain of boredom.

Truth is: Really tired of how marriage is treated like some random thing you try on for size, like a dress or pair of shoes. 

Truth is: The whole "without my phone I cannot live" mentality bugs me. Can't make a decision? Ask your phone.  Wonder what color works best on you? Ask your phone.  Need to start your car from afar? Just have your phone do it.  Very disturbing.  Want to lock or unlock your house on a whim?  No problem, just have your phone do it. Even more disturbing.  Oh, and while you're at it, just scan checks and do all your personal banking...on your phone. Scarier than a group of zombies surrounding you in the middle of an empty parking lot at 2 a.m. Hmm. Maybe not. I get how it can be useful, but it's just not for me. I'm a little more old-fashioned than that, I guess. Big surprise, huh?

Truth is: I watched the new episode of the Walking Dead and wound up dreaming about running from those ugly, skin-rotting, flesh eating creeps all night. But what really made the dream a nightmare was when a relatively stylish zombie tried to eat my cranberry Totally Turnlock Marc Jacobs Mag bag handbag. Stupid smelly bit*!. 

Truth is: The Christmas music has started and I couldn't be happier! It's all I listen to from Halloween to Christmas.  Love all the Christmas commercials and movies, too! I'm determined to create a little Christmas magic of my own this year. I just don't know what or how exactly...but I'm not discouraged, no-oh-no. 


  1. I know you don't like strong language, but I have to share this with you...

    I feel the same way about Christmas. I won't decorate or listen to music until after Thanksgiving, just out of tradition, but I'm in the mood 365 days a year.

  2. I hope you find a hot stud under your tree this year!

  3. I'm really happy that my favorite CFL team is doing very well this year. Bookies gave them a 50-1 chance to win the Grey Cup but they just might do it.

    Ditto for the marriage thing.

    I really want an iPhone but they're never in stock. I like some of that technology. Personally the ability to control my car sounds pretty cool. I'm usually about three years behind the technology curve. I came late to the party with most of those things.

    When I used to do work in shopping centers Christmas music drove me nuts because I heard it all the freaking time!

  4. I just want a phone that makes a phone call.

    That's it.

    Sadly, I think I may have to wait until the zombies return from the dead and check their pockets for one, because you certainly can't find a plain old phone in best buy any more.

  5. A Mark Jacobs bag? NO! We must all run, hide, and save ourselves. I have a Birkin.


  6. No no no no no. Nothing Christmasy until the day after Thanksgiving. No Christmas movies, music, etc. until Thanksgiving is over. That's the law. LOL (yes I'm weird, we've established)

  7. I like my landline and the fact I can walk to the bank to actually deal with real people! If you're that bored why don't you jump on a plane and come visit Vancouver Island for a bit? I could sing and dance for you. Or we could go for walks along the beach collecting beach glass. Or we could have coffee at one of the coffee shops downtown or along the seawall. Or we could drive up Island and see the whales. Or ........

  8. Lost. In. Idaho.: Good to see you!!! I'm a 365 Christmas person too. And...LOL...reckon that video sums it up quite nicely. He covered absolutely everything perfectly--simple and effective. lol :)

    I look forward to this time of year all year long really--Halloween, Thanksgiving, then CHRISTMAS! :) There's just something about all things Christmas that makes all the bad, sad, unjust stuff disappear. :)

    Eva: Well, now, that I would not mind. :)

    Jay: I'm happy for your team!!! I hope they take it all! I'd like an iphone one day, but I just can't justify it when my little phone is working just fine and is sleek and cute. Plus, I'm pretty partial to my little phone. I'm just uncomfortable with the idea of giving technology too much control over your life. For whatever reason, I see problems with that. And I would LOVE to have Christmas music all the time...I'm a holiday person. *blushes*

    Julianna: I have a pretty regular phone, though it does go online and stuff, if I want it to (I don't use the online feature). The iphone is tempting, but I really don't see the point when my little phone works just fine. Like you said, I really only need it to make a call or send a text. I don't like to be too attached to technology.

    LOLA: Big LOL's--Birkin's are gorgeous!!! But, I'm a Marc girl and there was no way I was letting some zombie chick with a good fashion sense eat my Marc bag. lol

  9. J.Day: LOL--For me, Disney starts Christmas right after Halloween, so that's what I do. lol Honestly, I just love it so much that I want as much time as possible enjoying the music, movies, and anything else Christmas I possibly can. :)

    Carole: Absolutely ditto on the phone and banking stuff. And LOL--Aww, I wish I could! Vancouver looks so gorgeous...and...wait...WHALES?! You can see whales?! I've never seen a whale!!! Oooh, I need to leave on a jet plane (cue music). :)

  10. Haters gonna hate . . . even in zombie filled nightmares, apparently! LOL! That zombie girl was jealous of your bag. :)

    And I, too, get into such the Christmas spirit this time of year! Although, to be honest, it doesn't really kick in for me until the day after Thanksgiving. But, yeah, I have a huge iPod playlist with all my favorite Christmas tunes.

    I find that I prefer the country versions of favorite holidays songs the best. Like Johnny Cash's rendition of The Little Drummer boy. That's the best!

  11. You like being scared, Miss Virgin? It is a good cure for boredom. What about vampire movies, though? Don't you empathize with all those maidens getting their necks bitten?

  12. David: LOL--A fashion-minded-hater-zombie. Super. Strange dreams.

    Aww, you like the country Christmas covers!!! Just like I surprised you with the Yankees, you've surprised me with your love of country Christmas songs. Very cool! :)

    GB: I'm not a fan of being scared, but I get attached to shows and characters and just have to watch. I quite like vampire movies. :) Well, I suppose I empathize unless it's Angel, Spike, Bill, or Eric doing said vampire biting...they are quite know, for vampires. ;)

  13. These are great "truths"! I'm just now realizing how morbidly dependent I was on my phone, now that it's not working anymore. I'm kind of horrified at what a zombie I used to be!

    And yes, marriage is sacred. Shame it's not seen that way by everyone.

  14. Jennifer Fabulous: LOL--It's so easy to become dependent on technology. When my internet goes wonky, I have this momentary feeling of ick, before I realize time away from the stuff is actually really nice.

    Marriage is sacred. So sad to see how little it is respected today.