Thursday, November 10, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: HE (Hypocrite Evermore) is so not an honest, truthful man.  Knew it.  Hoped otherwise.  I really need to stop believing in the best in people (not sure that's entirely possible though.  I'm such a Pollyanna sometimes.). 

Truth is: Kyle Busch is in trouble (said in singsong voice)! After his antics at Texas, his sponsors want him out of the last Nationwide race of the season and there is some indication he may not be driving in the final two Sprint Cup races.  One very talented driver with a very bad attitude and, now, an uncertain future. Side note: I'm proud to be a Dale Jr. fan.

Truth is: I found an all Christmas music station on the radio! It made me want to go outside, plop down, and make a snow angel...but there's no snow...only dirt...and a dirt angel just doesn't have the same whimsy, does it?

Truth is: One of the first songs I heard was Frosty the Snowman and it reminded me of how much I always wanted to build a snowman, put a vintage top hat on his head, and see if he would say, "Happy Birthday!" What? You never wanted to try that? No? Oh, um, yeah, I guess I probably never actually really wanted to try that either. *blushes*

Truth is: This whole Penn State scandal makes me sick to my stomach. Appalling. Please keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Truth is:  Ever see the jumbo boxes of dishwasher detergent? You know, the ones that are Hulk-heavy? Yeah, those. Well, I have one of those under my sink.  Not the brightest move. Last night, I filled the little door thingy, closed it, then attempted to pour a small amount in the top area for a pre-wash. I'm not sure what part of "small" my muscles didn't understand because they totally spazzed and proceeded to drop the Godzilla box of detergent, spilling an unholy amount all over the dishwasher door. Terrific. Had to clean that up before starting dishes because running the dishwasher with too much soap ends in a mess. Um, I found that out the hard way. Good times.

Truth is: Tomorrow, the last ever Harry Potter DVD will be available. *tears* Can't wait to curl up by my lonesome, watch the movie, and cry like an idiot.


  1. Does Kyle Busch really have ANY fans, really?

    And the Penn State thing, disgusting. This is exactly what happens when we put so much emphasis on sports in education rather than people. I think that all who knew and did nothing should be tried as accessories.

  2. I think you should continue believing in the best in people, just don't let it blind you :)

  3. Don't cry for Harry, Argentina. Oops! I mean Frisky Virgin. I can't use those super jumbo boxes. Too heavy to handle. I use the ungodly expensive little things that hang in the dishwasher and they're good for 12 washes. I don't know what the Penn State scandal is, and maybe I'm better off not knowing. A Christmas music station? You could just work in a department store.


  4. I never got into Harry Potter. I agree about the Penn State mess.

  5. I found a Christmas radio station too! OMG! I'm singing carols all day long to myself! lol Sorry about your friend the liar. :( It happens. Don't stop being who you are.

  6. Aww, that's too bad. You sound like me: someone who just LOVES snow and wintertime! Especially during the holidays.

    I should probably rent that Harry Potter DVD. I'm not really an HP fan, but I did watch all the movies when they were in theaters. Except for this last one. Never did get the chance to, so I guess this weekend or next I'll correct that minor oversight.

    Hope you continue to believe the best in people, too!

  7. Julianna: Oh they're out there. Boggles my mind, to be honest. BFF knows a Kyle Busch fan, but even he may be falling off that bandwagon. From what I'm hearing, the Penn State thing could get much, much worse. Horrifyingly disgusting.

    Jay: I'm trying, but some are making it really tough. :/ And, you're right, you can't let your hope blind you--difficult sometimes.

    LOLA: Oh, I know I'll cry. lol I don't think I've seen the little hanging dishwasher thingies. The good for twelve washes is pretty cool. Yeah, you may not want to know about the Penn State scandal--it's horrible. I love Christmas music!!! :)

    Eva: It's such a fun series, both books and films. :) The whole Penn State scandal is just mind-numbingly horrific. :(

  8. Yvonne: LOL--Yay! Me too!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music! :) You're right--I won't stop being me just b/c of one, well, for lack of a better word, jerk.

    David: Winter and holidays go hand-in-hand--and Christmas snow is magical. :) Oh, yes, rent Deathly Hallows Part One, then Part Two. Actually, it's cool because you can watch Part One and Two together and make it an epic Harry Potter event. :)

    I will. I don't think it's in me not to believe. :)

  9. I really think we should have a Harry Potter marathon, Frisky. lol So sad to see the final movie out on DVD. I'm hoping I can find it in a store this weekend up here. I'm not holding my breath, I may have to wait until I get to Redding. Or, Heaven forbid, until Christmas! lol

    While I still believe it's FAR too early to be listening to Christmas music, I'm looking forward to what may possibly be my first white Christmas since I was 7 or 8. Now, if the snow would just stick around for more than a day. . . lol

  10. I would LOVE to see Kyle Bush get parked for the rest of the season :-)

    I'm not ready for Christmas music yet. Had to venture into Walmart this afternoon for a new pair of work shoes - and pulled my hat down over my ears as far as it would go...

    We had some snow here today! I don't think we got much above 40 degrees; of course, it didn't stay long!

    Our dishwasher has been on hiatus for about 4 years now; if I remember right we used liquid soap for it...And why do they make such huge boxes of soap anyway? Unless they're going to come with a big hunky man to lift them for you they shouldn't sell them, lol ;-)

  11. Christmas music plays every day at the Christmas Store 20 mins. from my house! hint, hint!

  12. Cat: Well, I guess he's going to be driving, only it will be without M&M's. I wonder if they'll return as his sponsor for next season. He's a great talent, but he really needs to mature and get his temper under control.

    No idea why they make the big boxes, but sometimes they're a better deal than the smaller know, unless you fumbles it and dump out a ridiculous amount on the dishwasher door because it's so dang heavy. :/

    Oh, well, if I had a hunky man to lift them for me, I'd buy them in bulk. ;)

    Carole: Awww!!!!! Really? Everyday?! I'd visit several times a month, I tell you! lol Love Christmas music!!! *Hugs*

  13. I love you Truth Is thursdays :D
    Have fun bawling your eyes out watching Harry Potter! I wish I had time for that, stupid exams :/

  14. Hold on to your virtue. Most people are wrong about most stuff anyway so following society/ the majority is usually erroneous.

  15. PurpleMist.: Good to see you! Aw, thank you. :) Oh, I absolutely sobbed. Ridiculous, I know, but my eyes turned into two waterfalls. lol Good luck on your exams!!! I know you'll do fantastic!!!

    Jennifer Kay: :) Excellent point. I'm staying true to myself--promise that won't change. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. :)