Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol--Elton John Week

Overall, I'd say the contestants had another strong night. There were some disappointments (Rocket Man, anyone? One of my absolute favorite Elton John songs, and poor Paul just didn't do it justice--I think he has a very unique voice/vibe, but...not for Rocket Man).

Highlights, in no particular order:

Pia: Once again, she nailed it with Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.  She showed so much emotion this week--it was really powerful. Although, I bet Benny and The Jets would have been a great fit for her, and it would have broken the ballad trend.

Scotty: With Country Comfort, he brought that country swagger yet again, and reaffirmed that he will be a future country artist.

Casey: Goosebumps. Welcome back, Casey. He made Your Song, his song. (He made me cry last week--so glad they saved him). 

Jacob: Singing Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word, Jacob held back a bit, but I really thought it worked for this song.

Lauren: She did a beautiful job with Candle In The Wind. One of her strongest weeks.

Who did you like? Who do you think might be in trouble this week? Remember, TWO contestants will go home tomorrow night.


  1. I haven't been watching Idol, but I did watch it the year Jennifer competed. What a talent she is!

  2. Casey was amazing. Lauren and her Bennie and the Jets was great. I LOVE James! Sorry, but I do. It's the softie in me rooting for the Autistic kid (one of the kids I nanny for is autistic and loves James). I love Pia's voice but am over her ballads-I really really am!
    Scotty's voice is awesome but I'm not a country fan so I struggle with his songs.

    I am over Niami (however you spell her name) and I'm over Thea. I can do without them both. I'm also over Stefano-never really dug him. Any of them can go and I'm okay with it.

  3. Hi Frisky,
    It's Wednesday night and it's been our tradition for years to eat chocolate and watch America's Next Top Model with my girls. BUT I did switch and heard Pia sing beautifully. She would have done a great Benny and the Jets!!