Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water Woes, Kleenex, & American Idol

Water Woes: I have the my hot water heater, that is. Hurray! Turns out, my hot water heater isn't a lemon (shock, because, like y'all, I was beginning to believe otherwise).  Let's see if I can articulate this with some semblance of technical know how: Minerals in the water cause a sludgy build-up in the bottom of the water heater, causing the burners to burn out every 6-8 months or so.  Basically, there's not much I can do about that.  So, I guess I'll have to endure a joyful cold shower every now and then. Yippee.

Kleenex: I think my cold shower dance has triggered my sinuses into NASCAR mode, not that the weather extremes are helping any. Or, maybe my nose just missed its last rendezvous with the oh-so-stylish Kleenex. Guess that means Kleenex is my nose's lovah. 

American Idol: Okay, my favorites tonight:

Scotty--Whatever happens in this competition, this fella has a ticket to Nashville.  Country needs more of those deep, old-school country voices. Scotty has just that.

Pia--She's got the complete package. Solid.

James--He can rock.  He's another one that is consistently good.

Lauren--She's a cutie-pie and she has a great voice.  I do think being sick put some strain on her voice tonight, but she was still good.


  1. Yay for warm showers but boo for sinus pain. I am loving Pia-she has it all and I see her going far, if not winning. There is no way she walks away from this show without a record deal.

    I love James SO much. The kid I nanny for has high functioning aspbergers and he refers to him as "the autism guy" and cheers him on-adorable!

    Lauren is another favorite of mine. Scott was an early favorite but not being a country fan I find myself getting bored with him-no denying he has a good and unique voice.

    I happen to also really love Casey though!

  2. Been there, done that with the water heater! Glad you didn't have to get a new one :-)

  3. We had to replace our hot water heater a couple of months ago. Not a cheap operation. Glad you dodged the bullet!

    I remember Tamara...she was talented, without a doubt.

  4. Glad you didn't have to replace it!

  5. ahg! it's hard to watch american idol when you're in college! this is the first one i'm missing since season 4 and it's kinda sad :(

  6. Damn those minerals, Miss Virgin! Maybe you should have a bath in asses' milk whenever the burner burns out. You just need a few slaves to heat the milk up in a cauldron and pour it over you.

  7. It's good to hear the hot water is back.
    I'm sorry, but James is awful. He doesn't hit half of the scream notes he is trying to sing. I think he will go a long way via the sympathy vote for his condition.
    I think there is a lot of talent this season, but there is a lot of bad singing where the judges just applaud and tell them how good they are. That hasn't helped most of the other contestants that disappear shortly after the show is over.

  8. I hope that your sinus pain isn't too bad. I know how much it hurts and I feel really sorry for you. Get well soon!

  9. The brilliance of hot water cannot be overstated. Glad you have acces to it, dear.~ ;-)

    ((I'm still catching up on posts too!))

  10. I have managed to break the spell that is American Idol this season [finally!!], but your post might have made me relapse... darnit. =D

    Hope your nose an the kleenex break up. Your nose definately deserves better.

  11. Yee-Ha for hot water!! Glad it didn't need replacing. All of the shivering from the cold showers must have confused your poor sinuses into thinking that it was still "sick season". Hope it's just temporary.

    We've had so many other things we're watching this year, that Idol just sorta slipped out of the line-up. I do enjoy seeing the past performances though. I look forward to seeing if we have the same faves. Tamyra makes us one for one so far!

    Feel better love,
    ~Mrs B

  12. I didn't know that about the hot water heaters...well at least I didn't know it was that often. Maybe it depends on the water where you live?

  13. Yay an American Idol fan! :) I've been obsessed since the very first episode too. Hehe.

    In my opinion, Scotty can do no wrong this season if he keeps singing country. You're right, he's all set with his career even if he doesn't get to the finale.

    I love Pia. She's beautiful and her voice is AMAZING. I can see her winning.

    Oh, and wasn't Tamyra at the results show last week? I thought I saw her in the audience. I wonder what she's up to these days. She was freaking amazing on season one. I thought she would have become a huge star by now...