Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday: It's Award Time!

Stephanie was sweet enough to pass "The Incredibly Sweet" blog award to me. She is such a sweetheart--definitely visit her blog when you have a won't be disappointed: she is honest, funny, endearing, and just a joy to read.

As part of this award, I need to reveal 5 random facts about myself. 

1.  Miracle Whip Me: One of my favorite beauty routines is turning my face into a sandwich. I smear Miracle Whip all over my face, leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes, and then wash it off to uncover baby-soft skin.  Basically, it's a super cheap alternative to a mask for dry skin.  It makes my face red for an hour or so, but it makes my skin soooooo soft.  My eyes water while it's on and I tend to smell like a sandwich, but it's better than a $40-$50 mask!

2.  Sports Dreams: Since I was little, I have been able to accurately dream the outcomes of sporting events, especially ones involving my teams.  It's uncanny.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, I pay attention. Some of the wildest ones have involved the LSU Tigers...and if you have followed LSU football the past few years, you would know why I use the word "wild."

3.  The Blue Man Group: Scares the ever-loving crap outta me. No idea why, but they totally wig me out. And yet I love Smurfs. Go figure.

4.  Superstitious: Yeah, I kinda am, especially when it comes to football. When I was in junior high, I would make posters prior to a Dallas Cowboys game. Every single blasted time I did that, they lost. After about 3 losses, I declared poster-making a jinx and never did them again.

5.  Walking on tiptoes: I like walking on my tiptoes when I go upstairs. Random, right? Reckon a plus side is the whole leg-strengthening thing.

Now, I have to pass this award to five special bloggers.  Well, I'm going to break the rules here because I'm naughty like that (hey, I have to be naughty about something, right?).  I've seen this done before and I just think it's such a great gets this award! If you read this, take it and have fun with it! You all deserve it.


Tag Time! The adorable Lex tagged anyone who read her post and wished to participate.  If you haven't visited her blog, please do so--not only is she a total sweetheart, but she has a good head on her shoulders, won't let anyone walk over her, and is funny as heck.

Rules: 1. List 3 things you love about yourself; 2. Post a picture you love; 3. List 5 bloggers to whom you are passing this along.

Three things I love about myself:

* I am who I am.  I'm not trying to be something/someone I'm not.  What you see is what you get...I'm not afraid to just be me, flaws and all.

* I love how much I love my parents.  My mama and daddy mean the world to me.  I just love them so much and wish I could take their dreams, wrap them up with a great big bow, and make them come true.

* I love how I can stand toe-to-toe with a guy on sports. The sparring is so much fun.

Picture: Animal House. When I hear or read nonsensical crap spewed on the news or in entertainment headlines, I always, always think of this scene. I figure this image sums up my mindset pretty nicely.

List five bloggers: In keeping with Lex, and the above award, I'm tagging ANYONE who reads this post and would like to participate!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. You are my favorite! and lol I love your tiptoe fact!!!!

  2. Congrats on the award.

    I am not taking the award because frankly I have too many of them already.

  3. That tip toe fact has to be great for your calves! Way to go! If only I had stairs in my place I'd totally do that. hehe.

    LOVED the post! Not gonna lie gagged a bit at miracle whip on the face but I'm sure it works wonderfully.

  4. Jewels - So glad I wasn't the only one who gagged over the Miracle Whip! lol

    Frisky - You totally deserve such an award! Congrats!! And I love your issue with the Blue Man Group. LOL

  5. Blue Man Group vs. Smurfs? No contest. Smurfs are easily more lovable!

  6. seriously? Miracle Whip on your face?? ewwwwwwww!


  7. You are most deserving of an incredibly sweet blogger award, dear sweet Frisky.~

    As for your facts, first, I think we need to go to Vegas the next time you have one of those dreams. And two? The difference between the Blue Man Group and the Smurfs are the hats. You put little white diaper hats on those Blue men freaks and they will suddenly not freak you out.

  8. LOL! at the Miracle Whip reveal. That's awesome. Not sure about the smelling like a sandwich part, but hey . . . if it works!

    And you would totally kick my ass in sports trivia/stats/facts. But, you know, that's . . . okay.


  9. Kinda related to your dream post, I constantly have dreams that I wake up thinking, that would be a great movie. Although my the time I'm awake enough and near paper to write down the plot, I've already forgotten the dream. I guess I should keep a recorder by my bed to verbalize my dreams as soon as I wake up!

  10. Miracle whip? I knew a girl once who would smear mayonnaise on herself than go out in the summer sun to get a better tan ewwwwww. Have you tried baby oil? I use that after a shower and it works great, plus it smells a lot better...

  11. On your face? Really? When I was little, my mom would smear mayo in my hair. ALL.OVER. and then wrap it in saran wrap. Um, not too sure what that was supposed to do to my hair but didn't argue. I was 10, what did I know? So I smelled like a sandwich as you said, so what? Later I learned that that "treatment" was so my hair would get healthier and shinier. Moms, gotta love 'em! :)

  12. eww mayonnaise. i've heard it works good in hair too though!

  13. Lex: :) Thanks, sweetie.

    OT: That's totally okay, Mr. Popular. ;)

    Jewels: The tiptoe move really does work the calves nicely--great bonus to a random me thing. lol Yeah, the mayo thing seemed weird, but it really works.

    J.Day: The Blue Men really freak me out. Wouldn't you know they keep showing a commercial with them in it, and I always seem to catch night.

    Eva: :) I can't wait for the Smurfs movie!

    Kelly: I know it sounds gross...feels gross, too, but it's a great dry skin eliminator.

    Kat: Thank you! *Hugs* You know, I think you are absolutely right! Little white hats on the Blue Men, and I might not wig when I see them! Great idea!

    David: lol--Well, it's not the fanciest method for rejuvenating your skin, but it works, it's cheap, and it's always available.

    I do love my sports. lol

    Barsola: I keep a notebook and pen right by my bed for that very reason. Sometimes, the greatest ideas come via dreams, I think. :)

    Alessandra: I've never tried Baby oil, but I have heard of it working wonders. Maybe I'll try that! :)

    Yvonne: I never heard of mayo in the hair, but I can see how it would work just based on what it does for my skin. :)

    Aubrey: lol--yeah, it feels weird while on, but I do love how my skin feels and looks after I wash the goop off. :)