Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Love, Big Ending.

Big Love (SPOILER WARNING): Well, it's all over, literally. Big Love wrapped up last night with a bang...again, literally.  Bill Hendrickson was shot to death outside of his home on Easter Sunday.

Most people were shocked by the ending.  My mom, friend, and I? Not so much. We all figured Bill was going to die in some form or fashion, so it didn't come as a big shock at all. Throughout the course of the last two seasons, we've seen Bill's wives (even Nikki) display growing pangs for independence and change.  I guess it only followed that the show would end with the women coming together, finding their footing, and carrying on without needing Bill.

Overall, I thought it was a fitting end for the show.  But, I have to admit, I felt oddly empty afterward. *SPOILER* I mean, the barely-there neighbor sees his freshly re-sodded lawn, marches over, and shoots Bill? How dare you be a good neighbor, keep your promise, and re-sod my lawn! Bang, bang.  It just seemed a little rushed and contrived. We knew the neighbor was coming unglued the past couple of weeks.  I suppose it shows that random acts of violence can happen anywhere, and it's not always the likely suspect.

Pros: Magnified that this show was never about was about the women; the wives find their independence and carry forward; Barb becomes the next priesthood holder, perhaps even the next prophet; Margene travels abroad to do good for others; Nikki, as far as I can tell, runs the household; good to see Sarah back on the show with her husband and newborn baby boy; Ben and Heather got married (not sure I ever bought them as a couple, though).

Cons: Did Bill's father die with Lois? Did they commit suicide together? Whatever happened to Joey and Wanda? I guess they fled the country, but that wasn't addressed very well.  I know a lot of people have wondered about Bill and Barb's daughter, Teeny...she did get a brief mention in the final minutes of the show, but never reappeared on camera.  I'm assuming the compound is no more.  There are a few more "guesses" and "assumptions" with this finale than what I would have liked.

Overall, it tied the important stories up pretty nicely, though I would have liked more.  Of course, they may have written it to mirror life--not everything gets neatly wrapped up with a big red bow.

My mom was hilarious--she wanted the big red bow.

If you watched it, what did y'all think of the series finale?


  1. I have actually never even heard of Big Love, so now I am curious as to what it is!!

  2. Albie was in jail at the end--he shot the guard at the Capitol building. I think Bill's parents both died together. I bawled my eyes out! And it made me feel good that Bill looked at Barb last; I always felt she was his true love. And the neighbor? Can't say I saw it coming til they started talking, then I knew. Just shows it's not always the big bad guys that get you in the end.

  3. estefanny: It was a good show--one of those realities you don't think exists in the world.

    ms. caboo: Ah, that's right!!!! I forgot about that. I tend to agree with you on Bill's parents. Barb was Bill's true love, I agree.

  4. i tried watching this once. i got the first season from the library, but didn't make it far. i don't maybe i'll give it a chance and watch it over the summer? lol i know what happens now though so i'm not sure. all i know is that i hated that nikki woman.

  5. Lex: lol Yeah, Nikki was a piece of work. From what I've read, the reactions are split 50/50 on the ending--some in favor, some dissatisfied. I think I'm somewhere in the middle on it.

    At least it didn't upset me like the Soprano's finale.

    Sex and the City was my favorite, though. I loved that show, and the ending was least to me. :)

  6. I thought for sure that Bill's parents both died together. There are two empty bottles (and one used syringe) on the bedside table, so I figured they both went out on whatever was in those bottles.

    You know what? I hated the ending! I thought the symbolism with Jesus and Easter was way too heavy-handed. I mean, Bill even had a "sermon on the mount", a last supper, an "enlightened" moment, meeting with his "disciples" one last time in the "garden" (with his son and his partner from the store), recording his last thoughts down for posterity, and then ending with his death. It really was a little too *wink, wink* for me. A little too pat and neat, you know? Contrived really is the best way to put it.

    As a writer, if I ever tried to pass off such a plot resolution in one of my novels, my editor would bring the rope and ask me to hang myself for the sake of readers everywhere.

    Am I being harsh? Perhaps. But I haven't made it a secret about how much I felt this show declined over the last two seasons. The one thing I *do* like, however, is what you pointed out: the women taking over. Especially Barb becoming the new priest holder. To me, that felt really good and "right". Kudos for that development, at least.

    Meh. On to "Game of Thrones" and "Treme" in April! That's what I'm excited for, HBO-wise. :)

  7. I've never heard of this show before. Hmmm, now I'm curious as well!