Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wrong Things, Cold Showers, & Country Music Abuse

First, I'm so sorry I haven't been reading and commenting on blogs lately.  Between a wonky internet connection, deadlines, and, you know, the usual b.s., free time has been slim.  I'm going to start catching up tonight, though. :)

Wrong Things (possibly): (Clarification: This didn't happen to me.  Noooo, I'm still dateless and single).  Okay, so, I am really wanting to hear y'all give me some feedback on something: Imagine meeting a guy.  Imagine hitting it off.  Imagine great conversation, laughter, and an overall fantastic first impression.  Then, all of a sudden, he asks you a couple of questions like the following:

Would you ever consider dying your hair blond...like, really blond? What is the most you have ever weighed? 

Now, do those questions bother you? Any yellow caution flags popping up?  How about some red flags?

Cold Showers: Yep, it has happened again.  My dang hot water heater has decided to flake.  This is a practically new water heater thingy, and this is around the 3rd time it has gagged itself into a catatonic state.  I awoke to barely-there warm water, which proceeded to fade very quickly, leaving me to shower in COLD water.

Do you have any idea how icky it is to shave in ICE COLD WATER? Ouch.  So, shaking like a leaf, I washed my hair, shaved, did the body wash bit, etc., and emerged uber-shivery.  I'm seriously sick of my hot water heater.

Oh, and, once again, I think I can safely say that a cold shower does nothing for the hormone thing. 

Country Music Abuse: My country music station is so mean.  I get that you are going to hear your fair share of sad songs and love songs--that's country music...it's real and raw.  But, to play three ridiculously heart-wrenching songs in a row? Cruel and unusual punishment.  So, what were the songs? Well, I can't remember the third one...I think I was fairly well bruised by the time song three rolled around, so I scoffed and flicked off the radio.

1.  When I Said I Do--Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black (a happy marriage love song). My reaction: Bite me.

2.  Little Moments--Brad Paisley (one of my very favorite songs...and so true).  My reaction: Sigh. Smile. Maybe one day.

Take a listen and smile. 


  1. I don't think that the weight question is all that bad. I have often wondered that a few times as well. The blond question though I think is not good. There's my two cents for ya.

  2. OT: Yeah, the blond question is problematic. I mean, would he like you better if you were blond or something? To me, it's like he's trying to make changes in his mind.

  3. I'd not be thrilled with either question but the hair thing would probably bother me more. It seems less inquisitive and more indicitive of wanting to change you.

    Boo to cold showers-get that crap fixed stat!!

  4. The thought of you having a cold shower gives me the shivers, Miss Virgin. I wish I had a hot spring I could lend you.

  5. hmm........i'd say the hair one is bad if he's thinking of following it up with a "well you should dye it blonde" kind of statement. the weight one doesn't seem so bad, at least he's not commenting on her current weight? not sure!

  6. Both questions are rather odd. I've never been asked either one. For myself, that would raise the caution flag.

    The only time a cold shower is welcomed is when it's 120 degrees outside and I've had to work out in it. Not in winter . . . that ought to be illegal. I'd say your water heater is a lemon. :o(

  7. Wow..what an awesome song by Brad Paisley...thanks for sharing :) yea and like you...maybe...one day...

  8. Men don't even mention weight when they’ve been married to a woman for years and barely care about ettiqute anymore, so why would they do it during the beginnings of a relationship?

  9. Those questions? Cues to run for shelter!

  10. I gotta go with Drake. I'm surprised to hear how many people are more upset by the hair question. Hmm...I think either or both is bad. And when I read the cold shower in the title I got excited for you. *sigh*.

    And your reaction to the clint and lisa song..laughed out loud! lol. I am going to listen to them now!

  11. Hair ? wouldn't phase me as I've been all colors from platnuim to black. It's my ADD...

    But the weight. Um no. Check please.

  12. I go with Drake and Rita, both questions are bad, really bad, and I would run as far away from the lame loser as possible. Oh man, I hate cold showers, specially in the winter. Have you thought about tankless water heaters? Whatever you do, do it fast, summer is too far away still. :)

  13. Girl, NEVER change your hair color FOR a man. Change it because YOU want to. Fire this boy immediately. Loser with a capital Effin'.

  14. Just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did! :)

    Omg I'd be perplexed and pretty offended if a guy asked me questions like those!! Especially the weight one. How insensitive! And what is the point of hearing the answers? If the answers would affect the guy's interest in a girl, then he is a d-bag not worth any girl's time!

    And I'm sorry about the cold showers. In my apartment building, if you don't take a shower before 9 a.m., you're pretty much stuck taking it in ice cold water. It sucks! :S

  15. Those questions sound a bit too serial killer for me.
    Way too creepy.

    I know all too well about showering in cold water, we were without a heater for weeks when ours broke down. (Landlord took his time replacing it)

  16. I would say that Brad Paisley is my favorite current country artist out there.
    That would have to be a very superficial guy to ask questions like that. He has to be hinting for her to change into some sort of ideal woman floating around in the vapid space between his ears.

  17. As a guy, I would never dream of asking a date those questions. The first one would mean that I want her to be something she's not. Perhaps trying to get her to look like an ex or a crush of mine. Whereas the second question would be to gauge how overweight she might become in the future.

    Whatever the reason could be for those questions, it's not good. It shows the guy views his date as only an object, not a person.

  18. Both questions... RED Flags. Not once has Mr B ever mentioned my weight (+/-) in the 25 plus years we've been together. The hair thing is uber creepy too. If this is a bestie, tell her to RUN! Now!

    Sorry about the cold shower. Brrr! I would be looking into the possibility of lemon laws for water heaters. Brad Paisley is so adorable... Sweet song too. Love the little elderly couple.

    Hope there are much better days ahead for you darlin'.

    ~Mrs B

  19. I would say the flags are nice deep orange.

    AH NO! Not cold showers! I HATE cold showers. They send me into a perpetual bad mood. It's awful

  20. Jewels: The "want to change you" thing is a huge turn off. I believe the word is RUN.

    GB: Why Mr. GB, you're makin' this little southern girl blush. ;)

    Aubree: I'm not keen on either. My initial reaction was, "Um, no. Move on from this one," but I wanted to check with y'all--get a consensus.

    J. Day: I've heard these things in far less pointed ways, but equally radar-triggering.

    I could see where a cold shower would work on those steamy days, but definitely not when it's cold outside. Major ick.

    Miss Vicki: Me too! I'm so glad you liked the song. :)

    Drake: Agree completely.

    Eva: AGREE!

    Rita: Yeah, I'm not loving either question. Both seem shallow to me. LOL--"Bite Me" is one of my favorite reactions...it runs through my mind far too often, though. lol

    Julianna: Good point on hair color. :)

    Alessandra: Agreed. I think run as well. Wait. There is such a thing as a tankless water heater? Really?

    .end transmission: Perfectly said! :)

    Jennifer Fabulous: I'm so glad you found my little corner of the blogging world. :) Agree: The answers to those questions wouldn't even matter to someone who truly likes you for you.

    Sprite: LOL--never thought of it that way, but it is creepy, isn't it? Good point! The cold shower thing has left me in sinus hell. :/ Bad.

    George: Beautifully said, and completely agree. I think this guy is a superficial space cadet.

    David: Ah, good point, re: the guy sees an object, not a person--exactly. It's really sad. Don't these guys know that in the long run, they won't be happy and fulfilled?

    Mrs. B: Run is the word, for sure. Dating is like wading through hazardous waste these days.

    Lex: Surprisingly, I wasn't in a bad mood until today, when my sinuses started going ape. I'm thinking the cold shower didn't do much to help that. UGH. Bites.