Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Blonde Returns--UPDATE--FIGURED IT OUT! YAY!

Okay, I can't post comments on some blogs.

I type a comment, press the button, it sends, but doesn't appear on the blog. I don't get it.

So far, the blogs I cannot post on are as follows: Jules, Martha, J. Day, and Average Girl. Any blog asking for me to chose between Google Account, Wordpress, etc., just won't let me post.


I can't even reply to comments on my own dang blog!!! What the heck??? I've tried selecting the "Google Account," because I assume that's what it is, but when I try to post, it just disappears.

I tried the Name/URL on Jewels' Vampire post, but still nothing!


UPDATE: Okay, I've read about quite a few people having this problem. Here's what you need to check--make sure that under tools, you have "Accept 3rd party cookies" checked.

Phew. Now I can post comments!!! Hurray!!!!


  1. Must be a glitch..Can u contact Blogger?
    Run a virus scan, empty your cache.

  2. I'm glad you clarified that, because I was having trouble commenting on YOUR blog! I'll check the 3rd party cookies.

  3. Glad you figured it out.. as I was missing your comments!

  4. I am sorry that you had such a hard time getting to my blog today. I hate hearing that! I am working with blogger to try and fix the issue but they are telling me that it's not from the transfer of my site name from go daddy to blogger but rather glitches with the blogger system. They say they are working on it. Thanks for persisting until you could comment. It means the world to me!!!!

  5. I am having those problems as well with certain blogs....I hope they get them cleared up soon!