Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yes, I'm elated with 2-7. Why? Because today, we looked like a football team. Jason Garrett looked like a head coach. We improved. Dez Bryant is the real deal. Kitna shocked me. AND we beat a damn good football team in the New York Giants ON THEIR HOME TURF. Hey, we're just returning the favor, Giants' fans.

I loved seeing a young, enthusiastic head coach walking on the sidelines. What's more, I have no doubt Jason Garrett loves the Dallas Cowboys--he WANTS more than anything for them to succeed.

One big way to win points with fans? Consult Jimmy Johnson. That's exactly what Jason did. Smart move.

Our offense moved the ball beautifully on the mighty Giants' D, while our own defense looked fiercer than I've seen them all season.

Winning a division game against one of our biggest rivals...I've just got one thing to say--HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

Bring it back, 'Boys, bring it back.


  1. We lost -yet again! lol Congrats on the win! At least one Texas football team won today! haha

  2. One game does not a coach make. But he's tied for wins with Wade this year. I'm waiting for the Bears to find that fool proof method for losing games. They looked decent today, but we'll see Thursday.

  3. Yvonne--I haven't been this happy about a 2nd win, well, ever. lol

    George--Aw, don't rain on my parade. Never mind, won't let ya. ;) I know one win does not make a head coach--point is, there was marked improvement today against a good football team, and that is something to smile about (if you are a Cowboys fan, of course).

  4. Da Boys looked like a true blue Dallas Cowboys team in beating the Giants today in the first meeting between the 2 teams in the new Meadowlands stadium.

  5. I'm from Houston by the way, so technically, we're rivals! Even though, I don't like football at all and I will never claim the Texans!!! hahaha

  6. oops! I meant to say, "I will never claim the Texans UNLESS they are playing Dallas!!!" Then it's on sister! hahaha

  7. I overheard the TV across the newsroom, and I thought, "Frisky's a happy girl right now!"