Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stop Shoving, 'Cause I'm Not Eating

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a climate of rewarding or celebrating bad behavior these days? Almost daily, I turn on the news, a sporting event, the name it...and I hear/read nothing but justifications for someone's bad behavior or questionable character.

It's like "they" are trying to sell America on a new standard: It's okay to be a snarky, cruel, money-grubbing, immoral, alcohol-happy, lying, stealing, cheating turd because those things bring in ratings and sell books, t.v. shows, sneakers, etc.

This does not a role model make.

For me, I haven't bought said books or sneakers, although I may have been guilty of watching the shows in the past.  I don't watch them anymore because it became glaringly clear what, as a society, we seem to be becoming...what we seem to so easily accept as okay, while downing those who don't fit this new mold.  

I honestly don't think the vast majority of us are buying the bull. I tend to think we still value what's intrinsically good and right, honest and true. Can't convince me otherwise.

I'm not trying to sound like some stick-in-the-mud--I just think things have gone a little too far in a very bad direction.

Just sayin'.


  1. I've been thinking and saying the same things for years. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

    But then, "they" are also the ones that call people like you & me "prudes" and "losers."

    I'd rather be a loser than buy into all that crap.

  2. Oh, side-note: I just finished watching the Cowboys/Giants game...thank God they won. It was becoming embarassing. :(

    And that whole game was just awful 'cause they just couldn't catch any breaks. :X

    I hate the Giants so I was just crossing my fingers, going "PLEASSSEEE. For the love of God, let the Cowboys beat their asses!!"

    And they did. :P At least they have AAAA win now. hehe

  3. I agree. I refuse to watch reality tv (jersey shore, real houswives,16 and pregnant, etc) because it just promotes and pays these horrible behaviors, people, and values. I don't think that most people buy into it, most people know it's ridiculous but watch for "entertainment value". Personally, I see no entertainment in their deplorable behavior.

    I'll be a stick in the mud any day over "okay-ing" that kind of crap.

  4. I agree too. I can't stand those stupid reality tv shows. Who's reality is it anyway? Not mine, I don't go around acting like a spoiled, selfish, b*^#*; gimme National geographic any day.

    Btw, I almost didn't comment (lol) as this is a Cowboy loving Giants hating blog....and I love my G men...Too bad they really stunk it up tonight!

  5. Looks like we are all on the same page. It's really shocking sometimes to see how "they" are making celebrities out of some of these people. I miss the days I never knew...when Bing Crosby, Cary Grant, and Grace Kelly were the example of celebrities.

    Jen: Yay! I'm so elated they won. I know it's only their second win, but it's just great to see them beat a good team.

    Alessandra: Aw, I'm sorry. The Giants are a superb football team--beating them today was a shock. Think of it this way--your Giants cannot possibly stink it up as badly as the Cowboys did the first half of this season. And I promise I don't hate on the Giants...they are a rival and it always makes for a good contest, but they aren't the rival I truly loathe. ;)

  6. I worst one is that "what seating you" show by far it's just disturbing, but since I only have basic cable I don't get all those other crazy false reality shows, and I 'm not at all disappointed that I don't! I hate , hate that they try to idolize anyone that is on tv! Parents and teachers and peers should be role models!