Monday, November 15, 2010

Funny Thing About The Fickle Fiddle

Been thinking (dangerous pastime, I know), but you know what's ironic about Wasn't's (my English teacher would hurl if he saw that word) current situation?

He's her fallback...he's playing second fiddle to her ex-husband AND ex-boyfriend.

I can't claim utter brilliance in coming to this conclusion on my own mom led me down the path when she said in her thick southern drawl, "Honey, he's never gonna be first with her. He'll be miserable. The fact that he's once again callin' you is proof of that. He's her fallback."

My mom is always right, I swear. Wasn't goes out of town, and his gf welcomes her ex-boyfriend into her home with open arms, while allegedly treating Wasn't like dirt.

So, if by some unconscious (or possibly conscious, the devious wad) desire Wasn't holds me as his fallback, isn't it fitting that he, in essence, is the real fallback? See, I can't be his fallback when I've never chosen that role...perhaps I was unwittingly in that role a few years ago, when I legitimately believed something may evolve--given his empty words and invites--but I put an end to the back-and-forth.

He's laboring under a delusion with regard to me AND with his current gf. Ironic.

Wanna hear something interesting? His gf told him she's not sure she can fully trust him yet. Well, well, well.

What's that old reap what you sew? Yeah, that.


  1. I don't understand why he's with her, why it took him so long to call, and SO many other things. Were the person who told you he was married and the person who told him you were married the same person?

  2. Okay, normally I can follow you, but tonight I've got crazy house non-sleeping Mommy mush brain.

    Maybe Wasn't is Wasn't for a reason.


  3. What a great realization...especially if it helps you to realize that you cannot get sucked into his games. There is power in knowledge and knowing that he is wrong for you, and not able to give you what you need is invaluable.

  4. Don't ever, ever be second fiddle, "transition person", rebound person to anyone. IT.SUCKS.!!!
    Your mom is very wise!

  5. Isn't it sometimes slightly creepy how mom's always know, or they're always right? I remember being a teen and thinking, "mom doesn't know anything." Now I call or run to mom going "I don't know! Help!" LOL

    And Wasn't deserves the situation he's put himself in now. If he is how you've described him, then yeah, he deserves it. He can wallow in it.

  6. Rebekah: Tell me about it. My friend said, and I quote, "He has issues." If you only knew how totally out of character it is for him to be with someone like his current gf. Boggles the mind, seriously.

    No, it wasn't the same person. His belief that I was with someone was based solely on his own thinking (mainly b/c he hadn't heard from me in so long...why he couldn't pick up the phone, I don't know).

    Juliana: I understand--frankly, this whole thing has been a bit all over the place for far too long. It just shouldn't be this complicated.

    Jewels: Thanks. :) You know, sometimes I think he truly has no idea how the words he says can be interpreted. Personally, I NEVER try and read into's always other people who get me thinking.

    Yvonne: She is that. Yeah, I never really realized it until now. I'm not even sure he consciously realizes it...maybe he does, I don't know. Ugh. Too much trouble to even ponder. lol

    J.Day: Moms are scary accurate, I tell you! Yeah, you know, I just repeated what he told me, how BFF/Mom think of things, and how their thinking affects my view on things--the fact that y'all are seeing him the way my mom and BFF see him is very telling. I mean, yes he has formally asked me out; yes, he has formally made very specific plans/invitations, then, presumably, got cold feet. It's been years of hints-plus-more with no results. It all makes my mind hurt. lol

  7. FRISKY VIRGIN! Where can I email you?