Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Christmas Commercials Should Be Banned

Watching football, flicking to basketball. Wouldn't think I'd have to endure too many icky-love Christmas commercials. Wrong. Suppose they are trying to send "messages" to the husbands and boyfriends out there--here, buy our jewelry, see how happy she will be. Blucky!

Thing is, I can take it or leave as a present, I mean.  I'd be happy with anything. So, it's not that these women are getting sparkly things that's getting under my's just the whole setting...the mood...the feeling...that love stuff. 

And it's not just Christmas when single people are inundated with this tripe. New Year's Eve, Valentines, the entire month of June, and even Fourth of July tend to fall into the puke pot. 

The one they just shoved up my buttocks involves the adorable skating couple; she's solid on skates, he isn't. She gracefully glides to him when he nearly falls; he whips out the ring; she, in turn, gets all wobbly in the knees. Sweet, huh?

Let's see, then there's the global "Will you marry me?" ad where the question/answer is posed in different languages. Darling, huh?

What else? Ah, the one where mommy is rocking newborn baby by the tree and daddy wakes up to give her a special sparkly gift. Precious, huh?

I love the holidays, I do. It's my favorite time of the year. Must say, I could do without the singletonville-hating commercials. We singles are well aware of what happens between couples this time of year; we do not need reminding, trust me.

And it's not like those ads represent reality. From personal experience watching my friends, I've observed the following:

1. Boyfriend buys girlfriend jewelry that isn't even her style. This after one year of being together. He still didn't know her taste. He bought it because he thought he had to. No romance.

2. Husband gives wife a pair of earrings. Said earrings featured feathers. Yes, feathers...that tickled her face.  I do believe they were the most hideous things I have ever seen. Turns out, they were the first thing he could find on Christmas Eve...he completely forgot to get her anything for Christmas.

3. Good guy buys gorgeous diamond bracelet for soulless girlfriend. Soulless girlfriend asked if he got her the matching earrings and necklace, then pouted when he didn't. What did he do? Found a way to buy the matching items after Christmas to make her happy. What did she do? Nothing. Took them, thanked him, then never wore them. Oh, and she wanted rubies for Valentine's Day.

So, either he forgets, doesn't care, or he genuinely cares for a soulless witch.

I'm so totally screwed.


  1. I rant and rave to my boyfriend about those stupid commercials. Cause in real life, that crap just doesn't happen, and it makes men think every woman is a soulless greedy bitch who just wants shiny sparkly stuff. I'd rather have my drippy faucet fixed, or new dish cloths. Something I don't have to spend money on. I can do without a diamond bracelet.

    that being said, I am still waiting for Bud to give me a sparkly ring. :)

  2. I cannot agree more. Nothing makes your alone-ness more glaringly obvious than the holidays. Nothing screams, "You're still single" than all of my family gathering and asking me where my date is. I cringe just thinking about it. I love the holidays...but they are so much more fun when I am with somebody...and not for the gifts. I'm pretty tired of the lonely bitter great aunt coming over to tell me, "I'm with your sweetie. Who needs men!?"! I do! GRR.

  3. I find those commercials quite humorous! Who does that ? No man thinks like that you ,know some woman was behind that scene and that is what she wished her man would do for They are quite silly to say the least!

  4. I'll try to remember this for the future - Don't buy jewelry and don't be creative when delivering gifts. Thanks.

  5. George, that's so not what I'm saying, not what any of the ladies are saying. The point is, MOST men in real life just don't do the things you see in these commercials; they don't take that romantic approach. And IF they do, it's usually for a soulless witch (as in point 3 above). I'm sure there are exceptions, as there are with almost everything...I've just never personally seen them.

    Jewelry is wonderful--it's just not the end-all, be-all of gifts. For me, I don't care what the gift is, so long as it comes from his heart.

    The ads are lovely--if you are lucky enough to find a man with enough heart/imagination to do that kind of thing for the woman he loves.

    When you're single, the ads sting--that's the bottom line.

  6. I know what you meant, I was just bustin' yer...having fun with you. I've been there for the soulless witch and for the nice girl with basically the same end result. Mostly I have been alone on holidays, so I know exactly what you are saying.

  7. George--Oh, thank goodness! I was hoping you were just teasin', but then I started thinking, "Oh, God, now he's not going to do something special/romantic for his girlfriend because he might think she won't respond well!" lol

    Really? Same result even with a nice girl?! Well, that's just not good. :(

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are better because they are as much about family as anything else--still tough at want to have someone to make memories with. But New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day are absolute horrors. Dread them every year.

  8. Hang tight girl... there are some out there that do it right. I've gotten several pieces of Jewelry, including a custom made "journey ring" from jewelry I didn't wear anymore.

    Even better... I've never asked for one piece.


  9. Honestly... I think some of those ads are foolish too but, I do have to agree with Julianna that there are guys who do give really nice things and girls who are truly grateful for them, even if something much less sparkly and far less expensive would have been just as wonderful.

    Hubby's sister got engaged shortly after we did (way back in the dark ages! lol) and her fiance gave her a ring that was 3 times the size of mine. (Not that mine was even small) Out of the blue that night, he apologizes to me because mine wasn't bigger! I just looked at him and said that I wouldn't have cared if it came out of a crackerjack box! It wasn't about the size of the stone, it was about the fact that it meant that HE wanted ME forever and always.

    He has picked out some gorgeous jewelry in the years since and I cherish every piece, but the most precious piece of jewelry he ever gave me was, and will always be, the simple gold band that never leaves my left ring finger. (I know... sappy as all hell, but it's true)

    Don't get me wrong, I do understand that those commercials can be way over the top and infuriating in their blatant attempts to sell their product, but I did want to share that there really are guys who truly care and sincerely mean it when they give a gift and there are women who do appreciate even the simplest gesture, especially when we know it's from the heart. (also like Julianna, I've never asked for a single piece)

    They are out there!
    Hugs, Martha