Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They Say Don't Shoot The Messenger...

...but maybe a good kick off their high horse would be in order.

Wake-up: Did yesterday happen? Was there a flurry of communication with The One That Wasn't? Checking phone. Yes, apparently so. Moreover, did he just tell me the following: He's. Not. Married. Yes, he did.

He's.  Not.  Married.

How can someone get something so wrong? Must wash face and stop thinking. Well, the washing of the face part will happen.

Lunch: Voted! I'm such a good American! Ooh, text message!

BFF: Voted at 7 a.m., first thing.

Dang. BFF is a much better American.

Had a salad & iced tea...NO soda (impressive development). 

Afternoon: Had to run many errands on very little sleep. The Christmas present I wanted for my mom forced the lady to run all over the store looking for it (felt terrible about that). She did finally find it in the back.

I effectively made a royal a** out of myself in front of an attractive single man when I knocked a slew of Harry Potter books off their display table. So, not only am I a klutz, but I'm a dorky klutz scoping the Harry Potter table (you know, the one with the light-up wands, flip pad, and, God help me, sticker books). Sigh. My idiocy never fails me.

Off to buy mom some things she requested. Spent precious minutes on phone trying to decipher exactly what she wanted--colors, styles, design. This is a sampling of what I got:

Mom: "I would love the top in navy..."

Me: "Okay, I see navy." I grab it.

Mom: "...but not if it has too much design or sparkly stuff on it."

Me: Putting navy top back. "I see green."

Mom: "Oooh, I love green..."

Me: I grab the green one.

Mom: "...but not too dark or lime-y green."

Me: I put lime-y green top back. "Here's another's a muted sage color," I quickly added.

Mom: "That sounds perfect."

Me: Finally. Grab muted green top. "How about red?"

Mom: "I love red!!"

Me: "There's a smallish bird on it."

Mom: "What kind of bird?"

You get the picture. My mom had to laugh later at how difficult it must have been for me to pick and choose tops to her specifications. Turns out, she loved the navy top that I insisted upon (the three tiny little snowflakes were not overbearing at all).

Night: Watching election coverage and working. Gripping life.

Phone ringing...

Here we go...

Late Night: Oh. Holy. Crap. Major developments! Need time to process this gigantic balloon of information! Safe to say, The One That Wasn't and I are better friends now than ever before...or so it seems.

Must resist need for soda.


  1. LMAO at the Harry Potter part. Sounds like something I would do! :o)

  2. I really like this new style of writing. Quick and to the point, keep it up!

  3. J.Day: I felt like a complete and total idiot. Not terribly surprising, however.

    Average Girl: :) You are so sweet, thank you. Mostly I feel like an idiot, so cute I'll take. ;)

    Alessandra: Thank you, very kind teacher! There just seems to be so little time and yet SO much running through my mind at once--figured this method would help on those days. :)

    Cinderita: Oh, bad influence! lol I've gone TWO whole days without soda--I'm so proud. Won't last, I'm sure. :/

  4. better friends, what? :O DO tell. O_O

    You crack me up immensely. I love the shirt story. I wish I could hang with you in real life. Haha.