Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dale, Dirk, and Dragons

Dirk: So, I reckon y'all know my Dallas Mavericks lost game 1 of the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat. Tonight is game 2.  I'm trying to remind myself to exhale.  When I look back at the game, I see areas the Mavs need to tweak (they're masters at tweaking), but overall they were right there with the Heat (until the 4th, really). 

Dirk has torn tendons in his left middle finger (yeah, the bird.  Ironic, huh?).  He's not too worried about it--you think anything is going to stop this man? Not a chance.

Dale: It was the sputter heard 'round the world...well, at least around NASCAR...and Earnhardt Nation.  On the very last lap of the race Sunday at Charlotte, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was leading the race--you could hear the roar of fans; my house was coming unglued.  As he came around the final turn, finish line in sight, his car slowed.  He was out of gas *THIS CLOSE* to the finish line. I can only describe it as crushing. I just felt so bad for him. Okay, okay, I was a little weepy.  He wound up finishing 7th, so it was still a great finish, but I really hate his gas tank.

After the race, he was so upbeat and just so...positive...he's a good guy.  You can't help but like him. 

Dragons: So, after Dale's demon gas tank, Dallas' loss, and Dirk's torn bird finger, I decided to watch a movie about Dragons.  What is it with me and things that start with "D?" Anyway, have you seen the movie How To Train Your Dragon? OMGoodness!!!! If you haven't and are looking for a fun escape--this is it.

The film follows a very un-Viking, Viking boy named Hiccup, who simply does not conform to traditional Viking ways. While everyone else strives to slay "evil" dragons, Hiccup befriends them and opens the eyes of all his fellow Vikings. 

The film holds a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I can absolutely see why.

I'm completely in love with this film--it's funny, smart, beautiful, and uplifting.  The message is clear: Don't judge a book by its cover and never discard someone just because they're different. Warning: You will surely laugh, you may shed a tear or two, and you may very well feel compelled to applaud


  1. I saw this in the theaters when it came out, and a definite win and one of my favorites.

    My favorite were The Nightmare Dragons, because they set themselves on fire like The Human Torch.

  2. I love How to Train Your Dragon! I love Toothless! He reminds me of a cat, all cute and sweet and adorable.

  3. I'll be rooting for the Mavs again tonight!

  4. NEVER judge a book by it's cover! :)

  5. Hey, I start with a "D" too! :)

    Watching Game 2 now . . . the pressure is ON! I'm for the Heat, but we can still remain friends can't we?

    I'm not a Heat fan, but I just feel the need to support the East since the Bulls couldn't make it. Or the Knicks before them.

  6. Toothless is adorable. I watched this movie with the kids I nanny for the other day and fell in love. So cute!

  7. HELL YEAH!!! THE MAVS TAKE GAME 2!! Yet another exciting game!! Hopefully you were watching the game, ahh who am I kidding of course you were!! I love the movie how to train your dragon. It was so adorable and funny :D

  8. Underground Dude: It's now one of my favorites, too. I loved everything about it. I loved Toothless. lol

    OT: It sucks, but I know those wins are waiting for him.

    Chanel: I wanted to hug Toothless. :)He had the sweetest little face!

    Eva: Your cheering helped--they WON!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

    Yvonne: So very, very true. :)

    David: No, we can never stay friends. Never, ever, never!

    I'm kidding, of course. ;) I like healthy competition--it's fun!

    Jewels: Isn't it adorable! I was really surprised how much I loved it! Toothless--I want one. lol

    Somnia: OMG! I was going crazy at the end of that game!!! Everyone said we couldn't come back on the Heat!!! Well, we did!!!! I was pacing at a ferocious pace! LOL

  9. How to Train a Dragon is certainly one of the best dragon movies out there, until Pixar decides to make one. :P

  10. i didn't want to see this one at all i thought it looked dumb, but someone dragged me to it and i LOVED it. that movie is so fantastic!!!