Thursday, June 9, 2011

TEST: Can You See This Post?

Can't post. I posted this afternoon, but it never showed up to anyone but me.

I'm really aggravated right now.

Right before the game, too.


  1. Alittlesprite: Oh, Thank goodness! Thank you!

  2. I see it too! But stupid Blogger is messing around again! None of my followers are showing up on my page! Grrr! GO MAVS! :)

  3. i can see this post 4 sure!

  4. yep.....will you be at the game or watching from home?

  5. Yvonne: I noticed that followers are disappearing. UGH! GO MAVS!!!!

    kitkat: Thank you! I'll have to re-post the post from earlier today, tomorrow. lol

    Kalei's Best Friend: Thank you!

    Eva: :) No, no, I'll be wearing an even bigger groove in my floor during the game. lol

  6. Yep! It's about 8:50 East Coast time and I see it! Followers and Recent Comments, etc have gone missing again though. Blogger's got some 'splainin to do! Hope it all works out for you sweetie! Oh yeah, Go Mavs!!

    ~Mrs B

  7. Sorry I'm late getting to your email and to comment...I was at the gym...Operation Dead Sexy Bridesmaid and all...hehe.

    But obviously, yes, I can see it. :)

  8. I was told by someone well informed that Blogger will soon no longer be compatible with older browsers. People may need to upgrade.

    Personally, I use Google Chrome and have had no issues.

  9. there's really no point in me coming over to tell you that i can see it sincec 11 people already hvae but i didn't want to feel left out.

  10. I can see it and I just finished watching the game!!! Holy Cow!! It was such a good game. JJ truly stepped up and hit some big three's and so did Terry!! Dirk played amazing as always. So glad they won tonight, I am sure were jumping for joy as I was when Kidd hit the final three!!! Can't sleep too excited :D (Can you tell)

  11. Mrs. B: Okay, I'm glad to hear it's not just me being stupid or something with the tech stuff. lol


    Jewels: LOL--Not a problem at all.

    Alittlesprite: That's very interesting, thank you for telling me. :)

    OT: Cool.

    Cinderita: lol--you're too cute!

    Somnia: I KNOW! I KNOW! I'm WAY TOO AWAKE!!! SO elated! ONE MORE!!!! I know it will be tough, but the MAVS CAN DO THIS!!!!

  12. Drake: Seems to be. Things have been a little testy since that hiccup.