Sunday, June 12, 2011


The DALLAS MAVERICKS have won their first NBA Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The happy tears are streaming down my face, just like I knew they would. Ooooh, I'm a little emotional right now!!!

Words cannot describe how incredibly happy I am for my Mavs, for Dirk, for Kidd, for Terry, for Mark Cuban, for Don Carter...for everyone devoted to this team.

Mark Cuban--thank you. We are remarkably fortunate he is our owner. His passion and devotion to the Mavs, to the fans, and to Dallas...well, you can't put into words how much that means. He's a special, special human being.  I think just about every Mavs' fan felt the sting of tears when Mark Cuban requested the presentation of the trophy be made to Don Carter, the founder of the Dallas Mavericks.  It was an incredibly touching moment.  The tears in Mr. Carter's eyes said it all--beautiful moment.

Rick Carlisle coached a phenomenal series.

Dirk was named MVP, and rightly so. He's our humble warrior and a gift to basketball. It is a privilege to watch him play, and an absolute joy to see him as an NBA champion.'s a beautiful thing to watch him fly.

Jason Kidd finally has his championship. Amazing player!

Every single player on this team deserves ALL the credit in the world.

Tonight, the Dallas Mavericks quieted all those who refused to recognize and respect them. They showed what it means to be a champion:

hard work,
unselfish play,
overcoming adversity,
dealing with naysayers in a classy manner, 
never giving up,
standing together as one team, and
playing with the most powerful tool of all--heart.

No one gave the Mavs a chance against the Lakers. Mavs swept them.

No one gave the Mavs a chance against the Heat. Mavs beat them, winning the last 3 straight games. (Might I add, we beat them handily tonight, 105-95.  The Heat looked rather frazzled.  Did that sound a little "ha ha, in your face?" I don't mean it like that...*bats baby blues*...well, maybe a little bit).

No one thought the Mavs could win a championship. Mavs are the champions.

Let me tell y'all something...the fans BELIEVED. I believed. We never stopped.  Never. 

I'm so VERY, VERY proud of this team.

Now, if y'all will excuse me, I really must wipe the tears and go shopping--lots to buy...let's see, I need a Mavs championship t-shirt, a hat, the DVD...




  1. It was a great game, and I am glad that they won.

  2. Glad to see that the "dream team" of players in Miami didn't win. I was pretty frustrated at their buying this "winning" team for themselves. Anyway...I was at a concert last night but my sister kept checking the score on her phone and I kept thinking to myself....that Frisky is one happy lady right now. When the final score came up I figured you would be freaking out and have no voice left today. I am so happy for you and your Mav's. Congrats, sweets.

  3. Incredible game, great series, and I'm glad they won, as well! Jet was amazing tonight. And Dirk didn't give up, even though he struggled to connect with the hoop during the first half. At least Dwayne Wade had the class to congratulate the champs. No so, Lebron James.

  4. It was a great game! Yahoo Mavs! I am sooooo happy for you Frisky Virgin!

  5. FV.... with all this sports love of yours, are you sure you are not just an extremely really very pretty man dressed in pink? You are just way too cute my friend!

  6. OT: It was an amazing Finals! I'm just so happy the Mavs won!!! They finally have their championship!!!

    Jewels: Thank you so much!!! To finally see them win a championship was an amazing feeling! It really was a dream season.

    Eva: JET was unreal! The man hit the most amazing shots! I think Dirk might have been nervous the first half--with his dream, what he's worked so hard for, right there in front of him...I think he just had to settle in and find his rhythm. And he did. :) I just think the right team won--no antics involved...just hard work, heart, and determination.

    Carole: THANK YOU!!!! I'm still over the moon today! Just so, so happy to see these players and everyone involved with the Mavs win this championship!

    Tracy: LOL--I'm absolutely sure! People are always surprised by how much I love and know my sports. It's what happens when a baby girl is raised in a sports-loving family. My mama is as rabid a sports fan as anyone I've ever known. Pretty sure my first set of words included Dallas Cowboys...after mama and daddy, of course. lol

  7. LOL this post looks super emotional. I dnt watch sports but i was rooting for them jst because of u :)

  8. kitkat: LOL--I was pretty emotional. I've wanted this championship for the Mavs, Mark Cuban, Dirk, Marion, Kidd, Terry...everybody!!!

    Aww, thank you so much!!! That's so sweet!!!

  9. OMG!!! It was such a good game! I was rooting for them on the edge of my seat the entire game. For the last minute I was on my feet with every other fan. Tears of joy were in my eyes and they have started falling again after reading this now. I have bought my t-shirt and hat. As soon as they get here I will be sporting them proudly for all to see. So glad they won, it was so deserved :D

  10. Somnia: Seeing them win a championship is like a dream come true. I'm so happy for them--they truly, truly deserved it!!! I watched the replay of the game and got all weepy again. lol

  11. It was a gret game! Soooo happy they won!!!!

  12. Yvonne: It really was an amazing game, an incredible series, and a phenomenal season for the Mavs.

  13. (I came over from Chanel's blog.)

    I know nothing about basketball.

    I know a little about blogging.

    And your blog name is one of the best blog names I've seen in a long, long time. Kudos, Frisky Virgin. Kudos.

  14. Nicki: Wow, thank you so much! That really made my day. :) Thank you for visiting!

  15. Carole: I watched. :( I'm so sorry. I was so hoping for them. Watching the home crowd cheer, I kept thinking of what an amazing atmosphere it was for them to play a game 7. I was thinking of you and my Canadian friends. :( They had an amazing season, though, and played their hearts out.