Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stereotype Slayer #14: Virgins Will Purposely Hold Back

Since I'm still in post-Mavs championship euphoria, I feel the need for some simple stereotype slayer action. However, I must say, I've made some rather startling discoveries during the course of this championship run regarding sports and hormones...another post for another day.

Stereotype: "Virgins will purposely hold back because they've been used to not letting go sexually."

This one will be very short and sweet.

If anything, when a virgin is unleashed for the first time...holding back will be the LAST thing on her mind, I assure you.

Shyness and nervousness aside...

...Darlin', when I decide to save a horse and ride a cowboy...it's on.

Stereotype #14: SLAYED (with ease).


  1. To me it was like my first time riding a bike. There was a little imbalance and unsureness at first, but once things stabilized it was YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!

    And, like riding a bike, the excitement stays around. Did you see? Did you see what I did!? It was AWESOME!!

  2. The man you give yourself to will get the ride of his life, Miss Virgin. He'd better have a cardiogram first to make sure he can survive the experience.

  3. ROFLMAO!!! How I love your outlook on life! :-)

  4. Frisky you crack me up! Love it. LMAO! In my Zumba class we have a "routine" to Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy and it's too fun. haha...I hope we do it tonight...I'll dedicate it to you.

    Lost.in.Idaho--I don't know about you but my mom video taped my first time on a bike and I promise you she was NOWHERE near me the first time I had sex! lmao!

  5. I rode that damn bike for three hours. Good times.

  6. In the words of Daniel Cleaver (Bridget Jones' Diary)"You saucy mynx, you!" LOL I always knew redheads were feisty little fillies!

    Way to slay a myth, girl!

    ~Mrs B

  7. Lost.In.Idaho: LOL--good to know, because I had very little trouble riding a bike and could ride for hours and hours. ;)

    GB: Very good point. I better make sure he's up to the challenge.

    chocolateangel: :) Thank you for that. *Hugs*

    Jewels: LOL--Hey, maybe that dedication will speed up fate or Mr. Right or the cosmos or whatever. Oh, for sure do that dedication! LOL

    Drake: Well, well...that's quite a bike ride. ;)

    Mrs. B: I'm not Frisky for nuthin'. lol LOL-Saucy mynx...I like that! *Hugs*

  8. Way to slay that stereotype!!!

  9. Well, technically it's still a stereotype until you actually do the deed and prove it wrong. Then it can be "slayed." But I know what you mean. ;)

  10. Short, to the point and oh so true! That's masterful stereotype slaying right there! :D

  11. Yvonne: :) Thank you, sweetie!

    David: Ah, so not true! Mindset and knowing who you are slays the stereotype. The deed is just icing on the cake. :)

    And by the way...how 'bout them Mavs?! ;)C'mon Lakers Guy, you have to admit they played amazing basketball and deserved this championship.

    Beliza: :) lol-Thank you so much!

  12. You know what I find interesting is that, for me, having not had sex until I was 24, I kind of take it for granted sometimes.

    What I mean is. . .there'll be times my fiance and I will be making out/doing the teenager thing, and that's enough for me, but he's thinking it's going to lead to sex.

    I went so many years without it leading to sex, I think nothing of it.

    That. . .sort of has to do with your post. :)

  13. This one got a definite laugh out loud from me.

  14. Sarah: :) I completely understand what you mean, and it's a really, really profound point.

    Chanel: :D I'm glad!

    Carole: And a yeehaw to boot! lol

  15. Of course, your Mavs were AMAZING and totally deserved it! I happy for them (and you). That was a crazy exciting series, wasn't it?

    And the Lakers were just my West Coast pick at the time. I'm actually a New York Nets fan. Yes, I said "New York" Nets -- because that's what they really are, let's face it. :)

  16. David: Oooooh, okay! I thought you were a Lakers fan! lol So you're a Nets fan! Now I get your loyalty to the East--I was so confused. LOL

    I don't think anyone could have asked for a better Finals. Of course, I'm extra-extra happy that it ended with a Dallas championship. ;) I'm so happy to see them win their first championship--it really was a dream season. :)

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you Frisky Virgin