Thursday, June 2, 2011


Bounce! Cry! Bounce! Cry! Bounce! Pass Out.

After all of Miami's showboating and celebratory posing in front of the Dallas bench, it was truly beautiful to watch my Mavs calmly and professionally take it to the Heat. 

Hard play, Mavs! Hard play! Down 15 and what did the Mavs do? They got the GRRRRRRRRR and took it to 'em. And they said we wouldn't be able to come back against the Heat!!! Beg to differ. Come on, respect people! They've EARNED it.

I had to watch the game muted, yet again. Perhaps the ABC commentators should seek positions on on the Heat's PR team. Honestly, why cover a game if you are going to sniff up the backsides of one team and completely disrespect the other? They got there the same way the Heat did.  By the way these announcers talk, you would think the Mavs merely won a lottery to get to the Finals, while the Heat earned their way in.

Soooooo, I just have one thing to say to the commentators: HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW? *Cue Toby Keith* (This may reek of snottiness, and I am sorry if it does, but I WILL defend my team). 

Dallas held the Heat to 5 points in seven minutes. I'd say that's defense.

We came back from a 15 point deficit in the 4th.  I'd say that's offense. 

After sinking a 3 pointer, Dirk hit the game winner...with his left hand (you know, the injured one). I'd say that's hardcore heart. 

This Mavs team is a damn good team. Marion had an amazing night. Dirk and Terry closed it. We made the tweaks we needed--we out rebounded Miami and our bench outscored theirs (23-11).

Tweaks for game 3: Eliminate turnovers. Now, let's put these turnovers into perspective: We gave the Heat points--practically handed them 31 points...AND STILL we won on their court. THAT says something, folks.

HEART. That's where you find greatness.

Get Rowdy, Proud, And Loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dallas, we're COMING HOME!!!!

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I watched it! It was awesome!!! Congrats!!!

  2. I knew they'd make a comeback. I wasn't worried for you.

    I'm sorry the commentators seem to be major jerkfaces, but you fixed that. What good is a commentator when he doesn't have a voice?

  3. I can't stand the commentators! ESPECIALLY when it comes to our Texas teams!!!

  4. I watched it, too, up here in Maine! What a great game! I was so happy for you that the Mavs made that awesome comeback! They showed spectacular heart and determination! Go Mavs!

  5. Go Mavs! Go Mavs! Go Mavs!

    "Bouncing Allowed"

  6. It was a great game, I enjoyed it.

  7. Hey there....the Canucks won tonight! woop woop!