Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rowdy, Proud, & Loud--It's Award/Thank You Time

As you know, for months, I've been consumed with my Dallas Mavericks run for the championship.  I've loved them for as long as I can remember, so with each game, each win, the anticipation, excitement, and nervousness increased to levels I can only assume reached some unknown stratosphere.

Sunday night, the run ended in spectacular fashion with the Dallas Mavs winning their very first NBA Championship.  It was truly a dream season.

I've been so incredibly touched by how many of you supported my devotion to my team, which included some hot-under-the-collar posts about, oh, you know, one-sided announcers, people who constantly put my Mavs down, etc. From the seriously giddy to the rather emotional moments, y'all were there, supporting me and my Mavs, and I want to thank you.

The fact that you even pulled for my Mavs...well, that just meant the world to me. As corny as it sounds, I kinda like to think the Mavs could feel all of the support coming their way.

So, for all of you who put up with my Mavs-sporty-gal posts...this is just a little something for you. The Rowdy, Proud, & Loud Award...well, really it's just a thank you.

With love from a Mavericks' fan.

Somnia, Jewels, Eva (even though you don't accept awards...since this is really just a big thank you, I figured you might not mind too much), Aubree, Chanel, Yvonne, Oilfield Trash, Carole, kitkat, Mrs. B, Chocolateangel, Jack of Diamonds, Not The Hero, George, David (even though he didn't pull for my Mavs, he's a basketball fan and a good sport).

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry--you know who you are and you know I love ya to bits!

Rules? None. This is simply a thank you...a blogging hug of sorts. There are no rules with thank yous. Hugs to you all...

...and, one last time this season...

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Did you hear Cuban doesn't want to give them traditional rings? He's thinking a championship bracelet, or a 5-finger ring. Something modern, something hip...

    I'd say stick with the rings, and be pop-culture relevant by giving them a championship snuggie or something...

  2. LOL--I did. The players have already said they want the traditional rings. He may do both--something new along with the traditional ring. I'd want the traditional ring, too, but something modern to go with the ring would be cool. ;)

  3. YAY for a blogging hug! :) Thanks for the athletic supporter award!
    *Jumps up and down squeeling, "I'm an athletic supporter!" WEEEE!

    Yes...they were jock strap jokes...and bad ones. Sorry. *hangs head in shame*

  4. Jewels: Okay, that made me laugh way too much! You are too hilarious!!! LOL

  5. Why thank you!

    And, yes, while I might not have been rooting for the Mavs -- I do believe the better and more deserving team won. I only picked the Heat because I'm a New Yorker and must stick with the East Coast. Even when they "cheat" by having three no. 1s on the same team. :)

  6. Thanks Frisky Virgin that's very sportswomanly of you! Go Mavs!

  7. OT: :)

    David: lol -:)

    Carole: Aww, I'm really gonna miss saying, "Go Mavs!" lol I'm sorry about the Canucks--they had an amazing season.

  8. Why thanks, Frisky!
    It gets the same way around our house during football season. When the Bears game is on, everything else comes to a halt.

  9. It was easy to root for the Mavericks. Thank you.

  10. Yvonne: :) Welcome!

    chocolateangel: lol--Football is another crazy time. Dallas Cowboys. Last season was rough.

    George: :)

  11. It was easy to root for the Mavs...but next year, just so you know, I go back to cheering on the Celtics!
    Thanks for the thank you!

  12. Thank you so much!! I am touched with joy and screeched a little at your thoughtfulness. Although I would have been routing for the MAVS anyway, it was so much more fun watching a game and wondering whether your next post would be a good or bad one. Thankfully we ended on a good note and they won!! And one more time just for giggles....

    GO MAVS!!!!!!

  13. Eva: LOL--I would expect nothing less, you Celtics fan, you! A very dear friend of mine is a huge Celtics fan and he was pulling for the Mavs, too. I know we'll be back to friendly fire next season. lol Thank you for again for supporting the Mavs. :)

    Somnia: Awww, I'm so, so glad it made you happy! It was SUPER fun to check in and see your post-game comments! Yes, thank goodness the Mavs won! It's such a fantastic way to start the summer and next season.

    Awww, okay...I'll chime in, too...

    GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. I hear ya 'bout the football, Frisky. Chicago could have done better in a lot of got to the point that when the game came on I would cringe, because then it meant Hubby was going to be crabby for the next 3 hours!! And I was scratching my head at the Cowboys, too.

  15. Oh, it was down right painful to watch each week, at least until the coaching change. I hear a lot of Chicago fans talk about Cutler...probably about as many Dallas fans talk about Romo. lol Fans seem split on how they feel about them.

  16. I'm really happy for you and for Mavs :) Congrats!

  17. Aubree: :) Me too! lol

    Starlight: Aw, thank you, sweetie. It was an incredible moment! :)

  18. Hubby and I agree that Jay Cutler has a lot of potential - it's just going to take a little time (and work!) to fine-tune his game.

    Whenever Jay starts having a bad game and Hubby begins grumping about it, all I have to do is remind him that it could be could be Rex Grossman at QB instead ;-) That will usually get him to calm down...usually!

  19. Yay! I've never gotten award for being rowdy, loud, and proud before. So thank you for that.

    I'm glad the Mavs won, even though I don't follow basketball with any real dedication except against teams that I hate. (Like the Lakers. I will ALWAYS root against the Lakers.)

    I read something in the comments about bracelets? I didn't think men wore bracelets...

  20. chocolateangel: I think he has a lot of potential, too. OMGosh-Yeah, I can see how that would calm him down. lol

    Chanel: You're very welcome! :) A friend of mine loathes the Lakers, too. He was about as rowdy during that series as I've ever seen him. lol

    Oh, the bracelets--Mark Cuban said after the championship that he might get something other than championship rings. Bracelets were one of the alternatives mentioned. But, the team wants the rings, so Mark may do something unique along with the rings.

    LOL-Dirk actually mentioned something along those lines as I recall--about men and jewelry other than rings.