Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Lose Game 3 To The Heat :(

You wanted a good series? You've got a good series.  AWESOME game tonight! Unfortunately, the Mavs came up a little short, losing 88-86. The Heat take the series lead 2-1.

Ugh, this hurts like heck. I just love my team so much! I hate seeing them lose, particularly when they work so hard and play so incredibly tough.

I don't think I need to discuss the announcers--slanted, once again. Shock, right? The MUTE button is getting a workout.

Let me say this: For all who said--and continue to say--the Dallas Mavericks were no match for the Miami Heat, you were/are wrong. Even with turnovers and missed opportunities, this team stays right with the mighty Miami Heat. How can anyone say this Mavs team is anything other than GREAT?

Just saw someone say the Heat is "more talented and will dominate." Wow. After three CLOSE games and people can still say that. Pathetic, untrue, and really poor sportsmanship. Frankly, I think they are evenly matched. 

To win this series, we'll have to do it in Miami.  Miami hoisted that trophy, Game 6, in Dallas, in 2006...maybe it's time for a reversal of fortune.

GO GET 'EM NEXT GAME! Y'all will be just fine!!!!!! Mavs fans don't give up and we don't get down!!! WE BELIEVE!!!!! Let's do this in spectacular fashion, MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Boo! They'll come back next game! This one was a nail-biter though!

  2. GO MAVS! Show those nasty announcers!

  3. Ah, yes . . . that was a great game. But I'm sorry to admit here on your blog -- um, I let out a little laugh when Dirk missed on that last second fade-away jumper which he usually nails.

    Oh not this time, buddy!

    Don't think any less of me, Frisky. It sucks that I have to root for the Heat this year. Personally I really don't like the cut of their jib -- LOL! But I must stay loyal to the East.

    And now, this is TRULY a series!

  4. It was an awesome game. And you are right...they are pretty evenly matched. I was so sorry Dirk missed that last shot!

    I also don't understand why the sportscasters all gush over LeBron James...I think Dwayne Wade is a far better all around player.

    The Mavs have been amazing agains the so-called big three (James, Wade, and Bosch).. the series could go either way, but I'm rooting for the Mavs!

  5. I'm still cheering for the Mavs.

  6. I will always cheer for the Mavs!! I still believe they have a shot. The games have been so well matched that I don't know how anyone could still be saying the Heat will win. GO MAVS!!!

  7. Yvonne: It really was!

    Carole: Yeah, too bad the announcers don't seem to get it. :/

    David: You laughed at Dirk? Really? Not cool! There are some seriously arrogant, loud-mouthed players who I could understand getting a kick out of them missing a shot they always make, but...Dirk? He's one of the good guys--humble, hard-working, must seriously hate the Mavs!!! Bad, bad David! lol

    Eva: Dirk needs more help--he can't do it all on his own. I feel bad for him because with all the GREAT things he has done through this playoff run, people can't stop talking about that one missed shot. It's sad. That's not why we lost that game. Oh, and I agree about Wade, but the announcers have deemed LeBron the best player, period. Ugh.

    I think you're right--this series could go either way. The Mavs are hanging tough with Miami, proving that the big 3 are beatable.

    Let's cheer 'em to that trophy!

    George: *Hugs* Thank you! They can do this! I KNOW it!

    Somnia: Me too! :) I absolutely believe they have a chance. The Mavs have never done things the easy way! LOL I can't understand it, everyone, even the so-called experts, claim the Mavs don't match up to the Heat. It's beyond absurd. I hope with everything that the Mavs can show them ALL.


  8. LOL! I don't hate the Mavs. And, actually, I respect Dirk tremendously. But it's funny to me only because I'm currently rooting against the Mavs. When that happens, none of the rules apply. :)

  9. David: Well...okay, then, you're not "bad, bad David." I'll take away a "bad." Now you're just bad David. ;)

  10. The Frisky Virgin blog explains with the Dallas Mavericks Lose Game 3 To The Heat. I just love my team so much. I hate seeing them lose, particularly when they work so hard and play so incredibly tough.