Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Confidential

I'm a holiday nut--I love everything about the holidays, from the music to the movies and everything in between.

I've pretty much been in the Christmas spirit since Halloween. But, last night, something happened. Out of nowhere, I felt giddy. Yes, I said giddy.

Said giddiness was followed by several instances of spontaneous giggling. It was quite alarming, but undeniably enjoyable.

I've lost some pretty decent poundage recently. Heck, even my skinny-can't-miss-the-tush jeans are a little roomy. Reckon it's due to all the stress and worry about my mom. So, at 2:00 a.m., I decided to work on getting those pounds back...in the form of Christmas cookies.

I indulged in 2 frosted sugar cookies, 1 little iced star cookie, and 1 reddish-pink, chocolate-filled leaf-shaped cookie.

Gawd, they were so good...until...

...major stomach issues. I honestly didn't think 4 little 'ole cookies would upset my tummy, but Mama always taught me to never eat sweets late at night or on an empty stomach. Did I listen? Nah. It's Christmas, I'm giddy, giggly, and single, and I'm gonna eat cookies like Santa. My brilliant giddiness lead to the next phase of the early morning hours...

...a new indulgence involving a Dramamine and Pepto Bismol.

Still, I don't regret it...the cookies were so yummy! Next time, I'll make sure I eat them after a proper meal. Live and learn, right?

Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way....la la la la  la la la...


  1. Sorry about your tummy ache! I've been baking up a storm; cookies, candies, bon bons, brownies, fudge, you name it. Holidays are the perfect time to go all out and eat all of the treats you can! Lesson learned. =]

  2. We're all about the cookies here. Youngest and I are gluten free (no wheat flour) so we make Alot of cookies this time of year, simply so we don't feel left out.

    Tomorrow night...gingerbread houses with stained glass life saver windows!

  3. You lived in the moment! Thats part of the holiday spirit, right?

  4. DuckieSteph: Yep, sure is--part of the reason I love the holidays...indulging in guilt-free cookie-cake-brownie-candy goodness. Um, so long as it's after a meal and not super late at night. I've never been the midnight snack type...now I know why. Clearly, my gut simply cannot handle it.

    Julianna: Oh! Those gingerbread houses sound adorable...and delicious!! Please take pics!!

    Jules: Very true! :)

  5. Sorry about your tummy! But I do the same thing! I LOVE the gingerbread cookies, so lets just say my "roomy" jeans are now "no more room at the inn" jeans! lol

    I love Christmas too! And there's nothing wrong with being giddy! I think our inner child takes over our lives during this time! ;)

  6. I wait ALL freaking year to watch my favorite Christmas movie. And bake and eat to my heart's content. Even the cookie dough. lol

  7. last friday i ate 6 of those tear-away cookies. 6. oh my gosh. never again.

    love your blog!