Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Confessions

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful, magical, happy, beautiful Christmas!

Okay, I have a few Christmas confessions I must address (does that sound serious and morbid? Oops.):

1. Warm the ears and eyes: I start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies on November 1st and carry on through January 1st, with a sprinkling throughout the year (sometimes we need that Christmas feeling in the middle of July, right?).  I actually keep a Christmas CD in the stereo all year long. *blushes*

2. Cry baby: I cry when Christmas is over (in private; definitely do not want any witnesses to my emotional stupidity). Every year, tears. I love it THAT much. This year was no exception, I'm afraid.

3. Time to indulge: Soda, cookies, cake...you name it. It's all good Christmas through New Year's Day.  No rules, no guilt.

4. Great buyer, bad wrapper: I get all of my Christmas shopping done way in advance, BUT I always save the wrapping for the last minute. Very bad, I know. I'm just a wretched wrapper and dread it every year.

5. Bows, bows, bows! As much as I loathe wrapping, I love doing bows. Guess you could say I'm more for accessorizing the gifts. With my love of Marc Jacobs' handbags, it only follows that I would be all about the accessories.

6. Santa: Sometimes I miss sitting on Santa's lap. Y'all get your minds outta the gutter--I'm not that hard up, contrary to popular opinion.You remember the days--he ho, ho, ho's, you totally think he's the real deal or at least one of Santa's helpers, you tell him what you want, and get a picture with a candy cane.  Good times.

7. Sending Christmas Wishes: Totally believe in wishing EVERYONE a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and everything in between.

8. The White Christmas Gown: Yeah, I want to wear Rosemary Clooney's gown from the end scene of White Christmas. It's so elegant and...flow-y. I want to twirl in it. I'm such a dork.

9. The Bing Factor: Um, I have a crush on Bing Crosby. There, I said it. When he sings, I melt. Yep, a little "Snow" or "White Christmas" and I kinda wanna boink Bing. **Sorry, it's just boink sounded so funny with Bing. In reality, I think he's dreamy. Did I just say dreamy?

Some of my very favorite music comes from the movie White Christmas: Snow, Love-You Didn't Do Right By Me, and, of course, White Christmas. :)


  1. I especially like #3!!! This year, I tried to be good all the way through to Christmas Day but then the day after Xmas I started pigging out. Makes no sense, right? So, your #3 confession makes me feel a lot better. Thank you!

  2. Yes! I'm not alone!!! lol I eat whatever I want from Thanksgiving to New Year's day! I foresee a lot of time being spent at the gym for me!!! lol

  3. Haha boing Bing! love it.

    I cried this Christmas...and not in private either...I cried right in the middle of our candle light Christmas mass while singing "Silent Night"...pretty special huh!?

    Our Christmas dinner consists of ceasar salad, lobster tail with butter, filet mignon, twice baked potatoes and bread sticks...if we felt any guilt at all Christmas we'd be in a LOT of trouble.

  4. I'm not the best wrapper, either, so I stick to bags! lol And when I'm in the mall at Christmas and see the line of kids waiting, sometimes I wish I was young enough to be in line and ask for what I wanted for Christmas in hopes that he remembered to relay it to Santa.

  5. Haha, I totally pig out this time of year too. You can't be restricted all of the time. =]

    I love christmas music too. I don't normally pull out a cd in the middle of summer, but you KNOW I'll sing a few verses here and there.

    I almost went to take a photo with Santa this year. I regret not going for it. Next year, I'm so going.

    Happy new years. =]

  6. There are lots of women who felt that way about Bing - 60 years ago. I know how you feel, I get that way about Rita Hayworth.

  7. seriously. could you be any cuter?