Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Is It So Difficult To Just Be NICE?

Brief rant: I don't understand why it is so difficult for people to be kind to others. I've seen people place jealousy over friendship, greed over family, and money over love. I've been ridiculed for my choice to wait for, nothing more, nothing less.

Does it hurt? Yes, it does. I'm human. We all are...and THAT is what I don't understand. The very same people spewing venom probably wouldn't like it if they were the recipients. So, why do it? I don't get it.

Recently, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. received a new crew chief and will now share a shop with five-time champ, Jimmie Johnson. The headlines? Oh, things along the lines of the following: One Last Chance For Earnhardt at Hendrick; Last Shot For Dale; Final Ditch Effort. One headline even called him irrelevant.

How cruel can you be? He's a human being, just like you and me. No one deserves this. This man gets hit left and right; when he wins, it's a conspiracy...when he loses, the wolves unleash.

How would you like it? Day in, day out, nothing but negativity.

Today, he won NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award...for the 8th straight year. He has earned it; people like the man, probably because he is who he many people can you honestly say that about in today's society? Not very many when you really think about it. Most people have hidden agendas or are so busy trying to please other people, they have lost themselves in the process.

What is the first thing I hear after the announcement made it online? "Well, that's the only trophy he can win. Big surprise, his fans just want to make sure he has at least one trophy in his case. By the way, how's his girlfriend?"

Now, the "girlfriend" comment is something that non-fans have been throwing in true-fans' faces for a while...and I have something to say about the situation, which I will do in a separate post, even though I strongly dislike the "gossip" talk. While it's really no one's business, I feel it's time something is said 'cause this fan has had enough.

As to his driving: the man CAN drive, so stop with the "overrated" talk. Please, before you actually spew the venom, take a look at his your homework. This is the kind of thing that can totally chip away at a person's confidence. I don't care who you are, no one can shoulder the weight of the world.

Look, teams in all sports go through highs and lows, ups and downs...that's the nature of sports in general. I've been through Super Bowls with my Cowboys; I've also witnessed (oftentimes with an overactive gag reflex) a 1-15 season. It's a cycle. Eventually, they will rise to the top once more. As will Dale.

I suppose my point is this: Be kind to others. Absolutely nothing is gained by cruelty.

Remember the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It's really not difficult to be a nice person. Not sure why some find it so challenging.


  1. It is sometimes a whole lot easier to tear down that which you are jealous of than to admit it. I mean come on...those writers...they will never lead the amazing life that he does. They live off the gossip and bach him...but if given the chance to live his life, for even a day, they'd jump at it. It's a sad, small person who has to put somebody down to make themselves feel better. In the end they only make themselves look silly...but unfortunately they also get into a lot of people's heads first.
    I hate seeing you so upset.

  2. I'm with Jewels. If there's a good person out there in front of the cameras, folks will do whatever they can to make sure they find or make dirt. Unfortunately, bad news sells. I really do wish good news sold as well as bad news did. Then just maybe, the world wouldn't be so mean.

  3. I think that for some people, being "nice" equates to being "weak" or "spineless". I tend to think that mean and evil people are trying to fill a hole in thier pathetic existence and can only do this by spewing negativity and ugly. The world can be a cruel place. Stay true to yourself and your convictions girlie!

  4. You know, there's a reason that people call most reporters "muck rakers". It's because they look for the dirt on people, I don't know if it is to bring themselves up or knock them down or both. It's a horrible thing to do and that's what causes mental breakdowns and why being famous is so hard. Hell, it makes being HUMAN hard! That's why if we choose to be nice, maybe someone else will, ect. Keep strong! =]

  5. We'll see how many Jimmy fans there are when his run is over.