Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stereotype Slayer #11: Virgins Are Bookworms

Um, well, this one is....TRUE! I was, am, and will always be a bookworm. Now, I don't particularly care for the term "bookworm." I mean, I'm not a bug or a bore (at least, I don't think I am...never been called annoying, like a fly, or boring or dull like a stereotypical book nerd).

Here's what: I love to read. I love books. I love writing. Not thinking this is something specific to virgins, but, alas, we get stamped with the "bookworm" label every time, which usually equates to one big yawn.

Yes, I was a total Hermione in school. Remember the star chart (or equivalent) when you were in kindergarten or preschool? You know, where Teacher would put a gold, silver, red, or green star sticker next to your name? Well, my Hermione-like behavior started the moment I saw a red star next to my name. Blasphemy! Where's my dang gold star?! Evil teacher-lady! From that second, I grew obsessed with getting gold stars, then check-pluses, then check-check-plus-pluses, then, eventually, A's.

I'm not ashamed of working hard in school. I had a very specific goal, which required a whole lot of schooling, exams, etc. And you know what? I did it. I worked hard, fought through the peer pressure, shed countless tears, and achieved my goal. It was a lonely, stressful road, I can tell you that; my friends always referred to me as "so disciplined," and some guys would try and sweet-talk me into helping them with their studies.

I never did the whole mega-dork-school-kid thing, but I was a worker...and I still am.  If that makes me a bookworm or book nerd, so be it. I'll proudly wear that badge, as I'm sure many, many non-virgins will as well. 

Stereotype #11: PROUDLY AFFIRMED


  1. I wish you were one of my students....

  2. Wow, you just took me back a million years with the whole "gold star, red star" thing! I had totally forgotten about that! It started in kindergarten for me, and up to fourth grade. Ha! I would cry if I didn't get a gold star! So back to you, yay on the books and reading! I love books too! Be true to your inner nerd or bookworm, you're not alone! :)

  3. I think people should admire you instead of giving you names and tags. It's great that you followed your goal and didn't get disturbed by anything and it's even better that you achieved your goal! Congrats!

  4. Self proclaimed bookworm here. And no apologies about it! I love to read and write!