Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Like A Guy That Can Cut Loose

Sticks in the mud need not apply. 

I like a guy who can be a big kid and just cut loose...or cut a rug...

...kinda like this.

Happy Dance

Oh, and you're welcome, ladies.


  1. Omg, that is my favorite Hugh Grant movie moment ever! thanks for posting!

  2. Never saw that movie but that was pretty adorable!

  3. Jules: Mine too. Great, fun scene.

    Aunt of 14: Glad you liked it. :)

    Jewels: It's a truly wonderful movie with an amazing cast. I think you would really enjoy it.

  4. Okay, that was just hilarious. I lost it at the part where he shuffled past the hallway. Made me think of some kind of sexy crab dance [is that wrong?]


  5. The video's freakin' blocked on my country! What a bummer.

  6. Duckie: I always start laughing at that exact point in his dance. It's just so adorably fun. Actually, now that you mention it, very much like a little skittering sand crab. :)

    Cherry: :( I'm so sorry you can't view the video. It's from the movie "Love Actually," with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, and loads of other extremely talented actors/actresses. The part I linked comes just after Hugh Grant's character gives a moving press conference as the Prime Minister. Have you seen the film? It's really sweet.

  7. That is my favorite part of Love Actually. I start dancing, too! lol

  8. One of my all time favorite movies! It's "actually" in my Top 10 Holiday movies that I posted a couple of weeks ago. This is also one of my favorite Hugh Grant movie moments - ever!

    Thanks for posting it!