Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Assumed Name: Married

Well, it happened. A woman I don't know, never met, assumed I was married. She is someone I have bought from over the internet--incredibly talented lady. Anyway, I was contemplating a couple of items via e-mail and received this reply: " could always drop hubby a few hints for Christmas."

Burn. Ouch. Sting. ZING! BAM. BOOM! Smack.

It's totally not her fault at all--she couldn't possibly have known. It just stung a wee bit.

And, yet, one of my married friends is in utter hell--she said, " where you are in life. You are single and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want; sleep as long as you want without having to explain it to anyone; you can do all your little quirky things without someone looking at you like you're goofy. Freedom, my friend, is golden. You lose some of that when you are married, whether you realize it or will eventually and you'll miss these times."

Not the first time I've heard this from the Marrieds. I just wish I could find someone who is chill with me and I can be chill with know--he can still do whatever makes his life happy and I can do the same. I dunno. I just don't think marriage has to be, or should be, all that complicated.

Now, I have to go back and clarify to her that I'm not married...that I am, in fact, single. Oh, I can't tell you how I live for writing, saying, and reading those words over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

It's a dreary day in Singletonville...and the rain isn't helping. Although, I do actually love the rain. Go figure.


  1. Snowing up here in Singleville, Indiana. I'd be willing to give up some of those freedoms in exchange for all that I would gain with the right woman.

  2. My sister teaches Elem. school, and she tells me that "the kids always want to marry you off". Now that she's married, they all call her "Miss"

  3. Anywhere you are in life is going to have its challenges, and the grass is always greener -- and that's from someone who's been on both sides of the fence.

    I've told you this before, but I'll leave you the comment as many times as you seem to need it -- whenever I worried about this, my mom told me God (substitute the universe if you're not a God person) does not give someone so great a desire for a family and so great a capacity for love without giving a fulfillment for that desire and an outlet for that love. I really believe that's true. And you, my dear, have a gigantic capacity for love.

  4. It's raining in Alonesville, PA today. I feel you sweetie, I really do.
    I know there are things I will miss about being single when I am not any longer, but I really find my stride in a relationship. I blossom when there is somebody to share my life with. I love being in relationships, just can't find the right man. *shrugs* oh well.

  5. No rain here but still cold! I don;t think marriage is complicated at all I have done it twice but it is hard work... You just need to find the right person....ya I know I 'm not one to be giving advice but I

  6. I've been freezing my ass off in Loneliness, CA. My cat helps keep my feet warm . . . but one can only snuggle so much with a cat before it can be considered abuse. lol I figure wait so long, and eventually when we do find someone, it will have made the wait worth it. Keeping fingers crossed that is so!

  7. I know how lonely it can be, but you have to keep thinking positive! And so what if you have to tell someone who assumed you were married that you're not?! It will just make the time when you can say that yes you are that much better!