Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dale Earnhardt Jr. = Redskins Fan = Dilemma

Dilemma: As a fellow Dallas Cowboys fan kindly reminded me, Dale Jr., my NASCAR driver, is a Redskins fan. Said Dallas Cowboys fan also believes I am a traitor to the Cowboys because I pull for a driver who pulls for the Redskins.

Personally, I see the two as mutually exclusive. In NASCAR, it's Dale; in football, it's the Cowboys. Simple as that.

So, what is this dilemma? There is no question Dale has had a rough season...last night was no exception. You know, I'd like to see the man have something to smile about--a Redskins win would do it, I'm sure. Still don't see the dilemma? Check this quote by Dale after last night's rough race:

"I'm going to go to the Redskins game (Sunday). Maybe that will cheer me up. If they get their ass kicked, that's not going to be good. Monday will be a bad day." (Dale's Rough Night).

Yeah.  He's going to the game.  The NASCAR fan in me would love to see him find that spark he needs to head into the week.  The Cowboys fan that I am says, "Yeah, sorry about that, but ain't noooooo way.  Game on. Bring it. Grrr." Okay, I added the grr, but still...

So, to address my fellow Cowboys friend, I will NOT be pulling for the 'Skins--THAT would constitute a traitorous act against my Cowboys.  I WILL be cheering for my 'Boys with the same intensity I've always had.

However, in keeping with my need to try and find the bright side of things, should my Cowboys not make it out with a victory....GAG...I will take some solace in knowing that my NASCAR driver is a little happier.

Game on.


  1. It seems odd that Junior would be a Redskins fan. Is he racing for Joe Gibbs or something? Isn't he and the rest of the clan from somewhere in the Deep South, and not DC?

  2. They are from Mooresville, N.C., or somewhere in that area just north of Charlotte. So he should be a Panthers fan. I went to school with a girl who lived behind him. She said he was a terrible neighbor.

  3. Well, in Junior's defense then, the Panthers didn't really exist until the mid-1990s. Therefore he or his dad had to adopt another team, probably.

  4. @ Rebekah Just because he lives somewhere doesn't mean he should be a fan of the local team. I'm a Redskins fan and I was born and raised in Florida. My entire family, though, is from D.C. I grew up on the Redskins. It's basically in my blood, so to root for any other team just because of my location would not make sense. I'm sure Dale is a Redskins fan though because when he was growing up, the Carolina Panthers WEREN'T AROUND! The Redskins were the closest thing that North Carolina had to a football team for a LONG time. So what, when North Carolina got a team he was supposed stop being a fan of a team that he's probably been a lifelong fan of? Yeah, that makes NO SENSE!

    @ Steve - He's probably a Skins fan because like I said to Rebekah, the Skins were the closest thing North Carolina had to a football team when Jr. grew up.

    I'm not a Jr. fan. At least he is a Redskins fan, though. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!

  5. Steve: Dale drives for Hendrick. I reckon it's a team he grew up with or something. My best friend and his family have only ever lived in NY, but they are die-hard Cowboys fans. Hey, at least my driver will be happy this week, right? I'm trying to lessen the disgust of the loss here.

    Rebekah: If I may ask, what made him a terrible neighbor? Did it have anything to do with loud cars or roaring engines at all hours? My dad loves cars--he used to do the whole engine growl thing when I was little; my mom was always saying, "neighbors, hunny, neighbors!" lol

    Anon: The Cowboys are in my blood for the same reasons. The 'Skins played some good ball tonight, particularly on defense. I have a feeling they are going to do quite well under Spurrier. I remember my first reaction when they got him as their coach: "Uh-oh, this could spell trouble."

    In the name of a football fan, I must match your Hail with a hail of my own:

    Hail to my Cowboys--come rain, come shine, come win, come loss...we take it on the chin, get right back up, and play another week. Go Cowboys!

  6. @Frisky - I don't remember specifics, but I think most of the problem was that he was just plain loud. Loud cars, loud parties. There might have been a parking problem (as in party friends parking in my friend's parents' yard) as well. Couldn't swear to it though.

    @Anonymous - Wow. Calm yourself.

    I don't expect people's allegiances to change just because they live somewhere else. That said, a lot of people in the Carolinas -- the Charlotte area especially -- were really excited to have a pro team nearby. And their allegiances DID change.

    But that really isn't important. Football is supposed to be fun regardless of the team. HAIL to being a good sport!

  7. While doing some blog management, I just noticed I wrote Spurrier in the above comment. Wow, I'm such an idiot sometimes. Of course I meant Shanahan. *shakes head*