Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stereotype #7: Virgins Are Boring

Apparently, not having sex makes virgins a real yawn. (See The Boring Bun for a related's one of the more amusing stereotypes I've heard).

Here's what my undercover virgin conversations uncovered on the "boring" theory--these are different Alpha Males from the last group:

Alpha Male #1: "I don't know, I just think virgins would be really boring."

Me: "Why? Just because you're probably not going to have sex with her?"

Alpha Male #1: "See, I don't just seems like they would be less fun because they don't have sex. It's like they wouldn't know how to let their hair down and stuff."

Alpha Male #2: "I have the most fun with virgins, actually."

Alpha Male #1: "Really!?"

Me: "Why do you think you have so much fun with virgins?"

Alpha Male #2: "They're just chill.  You know? I don't have to play the game. I don't have to wonder how I'm going to get them into bed or how I'm going to make my escape the next morning. I feel more like me when I'm around a virgin...not that that happens a lot.  There aren't too many, at least not that I've come across."

Alpha Male #1: "I've never really known a virgin, so my opinion is more of an assumption."

Me: "You mean a judgment.  An unfair one at that."

Alpha Male #1: Laughing, "Do you have to bust my balls?"

Me: Smiling, "Of course!"

Alpha Male #1: "Okay, maybe I'm being a shallow a@&."

Conclusion: Thankfully, I've never been called boring.  I suppose I'm probably a yawn to some people--no one is going to be everyone's cup o' tea, after all.

Just because a virgin is a virgin and has not engaged in sexual activity, doesn't mean she/he is boring.  Frankly, it just means we've had more time to cook up some seriously enticing build up a virtual library of romantic fun.  Virgins are probably some of the least boring people you are ever going to meet...if you give us a chance.

Stereotype #7: SLAYED.


  1. What's that saying? : never ASS-u-me.....and of course alpha male would say that about Heck I have known some non virgin males and some of them are definitely 'not all that and a bag of chips'...

  2. I gave you a blog award hun, c mine for deets

  3. You deserve that blog award Frisky...I love your posts and race to read them everyday...and this one didn't disapoint. :-)

  4. Awesome, congrats on your blog award! Great convo... always great to see a stereotype squashed. Go girl!!

  5. Alpha Male 2 doesn't sound that bad. Maybe he's reforming his alpha-male ways. And congrats on your award!

  6. I'll tell you something, any girl who goes out with a guy who howls, virgin or not, is not boring in my eyes! You go get'em chickee!!!

  7. The one virgin I've been with was crazy-good at sex before and after the deed was actually done. In general though, I've had awesome sexual experiences, so I've always thought that it matters more what attitude you personally bring into this sort of situation.

  8. haha this is a good one.

    i remember back in highschool. the boys seemed to believe that I wasn't a virgin.

    i wasn't offended. but I was appalled. why the fuck would they think that?! lol .. What's with ME that they find, not-virgin-type-of-girl ..

  9. I'm gonna say an amen on that one. Most don't know I'm a virgin unless I tell them. Oh yeah, I tell 'em I'm 25. (I'm actually in my 30's too).