Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Lose Again , But Dale Jr. Finishes 4th

I love my Dallas Cowboys. I always will love my Dallas Cowboys.  Having said that, I am utterly disgusted with the start to this season. 

Ugh, I need Tylenol. 

My conclusions:

1.  Poor play calling: Predictable. I'm a girl, sitting at home, watching the game on t.v., and I can tell you the play before it happens.  There isn't that spark; there isn't any gutsy play calling. It's vanilla. Plain.  Boring.  Has Garrett lost his edge? Did he ever an edge or was his first season a fluke?

2.  Red Zone Freeze: Even when they drive it down field, they seem to lock up in the red zone. For whatever reason, the plays that got them to the red zone are not getting them into the end zone. Mix it up! This team has so many's literally nonsensical that they can't get touchdowns.

3.  Missed field goals: Had Buehler made the field goal, we would have had a tie football game...and a chance to win. 

4.  Tony Romo's inconsistency: Many Dallas fans are split right down the middle on their feelings for Tony Romo--some love him, some hate him.  I don't hate the guy--I'm just not sure he's the answer. I don't think he's a bad quarterback; I just don't feel comfortable with him.  For me, it's about consistency.  Today, I saw low passes, short passes, passes behind his receivers, etc. While watching, I'm wishing Troy could run down from the booth and onto the field.  If I felt 100% about my QB, I wouldn't wish for my former QB (who I always felt 100% about).  I was watching Cutler making passes left and right, and I wished he had a star on his helmet. That's not good.  Not that Romo didn't try--he did drive us down field and had to watch Roy Williams cough it up.  His two interceptions bounced off receivers' hands and into defenders eager paws.  Still, I don't feel comfortable with him.  And yes, I've seen Romo's stats.  But, here's the thing about stats: they look fabulous on paper, but if they do not produce results off the paper, what's their worth, really?

5.  Missed opportunities. I don't think there is a need to say more.

Note: Jason Witten wobbled off the field, clearly woozy after a tough hit (the back of his head struck the turf).  He wasn't allowed to go back out on the field for the remainder of the game, but that didn't keep him from showing just how much he cares about his football team: Jason passionately and repeatedly tried to get back in the game. Bless him. His health is more important, but it was endearing to see him so ready to go back in and help the team. 

God help me, I love my Cowboys, but watching this wasted talent is literally painful. 

Forget Tylenol, I need Advil.

NASCAR: There is a silver lining to another Cowboys loss--Dale finished 4th today after starting way back in the pack (around 31st or 32nd).  This is what I hoped for him: he has enough stress and pressure to deal with on a regular basis, but without the chase to worry about, he (and his team) can just dig in and go for wins and/or top 5 finishes.  Way to go, Dale--really great driving!

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