Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tag, Now You're It!

Okay, I wanted to give y'all a chance to let me know who wanted to answer a set of tag questions. Three of you are it! If anyone else wants to play along, please feel free to answer the questions below. :)


1. Jenna at Renewed Day By Day
2. Cinderita
3. Suzanne
4.  Alex's Blogging Life

Okay, here we go with 7 (hopefully fun) questions from me:

1.  Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?

2.  If you could marry/date a supernatural being/superhero, who/what would it be and why?

3.  Which one: Harry Potter or Twilight? Why?

4.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?

5.  You have three wishes that will come true.  What are they?

6.  What is your favorite: a. Classic film; b. Romantic comedy film; c. Fantasy film; and d. Animated film

7.  What is your favorite kind of music?


  1. hahahah thanks frisky virgin! :)

    i love your last line on your comment on my guest post ..

    hahaha <3

  2. 1. Yes I believe in faith. Faith is you own desire to believe in something bigger than you are. Something that couldn't possibly be done by the hands of a mere human.

    2. It would be fun to date batman. He's so dark and mysterious and I'm pretty sure he knows how to please a woman.

    3. Neither Twilight or H Potter. If I have to pick I'd be team Jacob, because "damn" haven't you seen his ripper tan body! However all of them are a little young for me!

    4. Neither I like to sleep mornings and nights! I am definitely not a morning person though!

    5. Three wishes...1. to not have to ever worry about money again. 2. To live on a beach someone where 3. for my kids to always be happy and to not ever know any pain!

    6. MY favorite: a. Classic film- wizard of Oz; b. Romantic comedy-Dan in Real Life; c. Fantasy film-? no clue; and d. Animated film- Alice in Wonderland and The Never Ending Story

    7. My favorite kind of music is country but I listen to all kinds different music.

  3. 1. Logically seen, fate or destiny cannot possibly exist and yet... Ever get that feeling sometimes when you know something good or bad is going to happen and you think to yourself that it was meant to be?
    I do, as logical as I try to be about it all I still think that sometimes, some things are set to happen by destiny.
    2. Storm as played by Halle Berry... my word,that woman can curl your toes in that suit and that hair and... and... I'll write no more, I'm about to get graphical!
    3. Harry Potter, I loved the books and now she's all grown up I love Emma Watson too :-)
    4. Defo a night owl, without a shadow of a doubt. Mornings kill me but night shifts I can do on my head, lol.
    5. Classic Film : The Deer hunter. I know it's not old enough to be a true classic but I love that film, (being an ex soldier working in a steelworks has nothing to do with my choice). The very last scene, it could have been so cheesy but it just fits brilliantly. Check it out:
    Romantic Film : When Harry met Sally. Billy Crystal IS BRILLIANT and I love Meg Ryan. A great film, witty, fast, droll, with Meg at her all time cute, gutsy best, God bless her.
    Fantasy Film : The Watchmen. None of my friends liked it, I loved it. Or The new Batman films, both are class acts.
    Animated Story : Sin City. What an experiment of a film but it worked out well.
    6. Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Opera, The Blues, The Smiths, Classical guitar, Spanish Guitar, the list is endless.
    I despise techno and love songs that regurgitate the same rhymes, in fact I despise bad lyrics in general but schmaltzy ones I hate the most. I don't like joke songs either much.
    Well, anyway, that's the 6 answered, judge me as you will Frisky. ;-)

  4. I blogged my answers. :) Ooh and new yummy recipe!

  5. Miss Innocent: You are very welcome; it was a great post. :)

    SSW: Thank you for participating! I love getting to know everybody better. :) Oh, and with the Harry Potter/Twilight question, I just meant which series do you like better as a story. :)

    RR: Loved your answers! Harry Potter is my pick over the Twilight series as well. When Harry Met Sally is one of my absolute favorites!!!

    Suzanne: I'm off to read them!! :)

  6. 1. Fate, No. Karma, Yes.

    2. Honey, I am a single Mom of two, full time postal employee, finacial magician, Jedi master, finder of all things lost, healer of all that's injured, and have eyes in the back of my head. I don't need to marry a superohero, I am one.

    3. Love the romance behind Twilight.

    5. I wish I could always reach in my pocket and have exactly enough money for what I wanted to buy.

    I'd wish that my son not have Autism Spectrum.

    I'd wish there was no cancer. :(

    6. Princess Bride. (Is there any other movie?)

    7. All kinds musical, mostly Pop and Country.

    Phew! All this Taggin' is making me tired... I guess that answers #4. -J

  7. Ok, I think I get it. Let's see if I can answer all 7:

    1. Do you mean is there a other worldly force that decides what we do? Yes and no, yes fro the big stuff, but we also make choices, right or wrong...

    2. I guess that's cheesy but I would date Superman cause... I wanna FLY!!!

    3. Neither, can't stand magic or vampires

    4. Morning person when I work, less than a 'morning person' on vacation

    5. Wishes uh? Ok: For my husband to feel as good as he was when we got married.
    To live on a warm and sandy beach in a warm and friendly town
    To die without feeling (or seeing) the effects of age on my body (yeah, I know, I'm vane..)

    6.Classic film: The Godfather I and II.
    Romantic comedy film: Sleepless in Seattle
    Fantasy film: don't like them
    Animated film: can't think of any

    7. It has to be Billy Joel or Classical, with some 60s and 70s rock in between.

    Ok, I'm tagged out now :)