Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: Tim Tebow

People love to make fun of virgins.  As I've said, it's a tough road to take.  But maybe those who do the teasing should take a long look at Tim Tebow, a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. 

Here is only a sampling of what Tim Tebow has accomplished at the tender age of 23:

1.  The first college football player to rush and pass for 20+ touchdowns in a single season

2.  First Sophomore to win the coveted Heisman Trophy (2007)

3.  Two-time BCS National Champion (Florida Gators, 2007, 2009)

4.  Manning Award (2008)

5.  Two-time first team All American (2007, 2008)

6.  Three-time first team All SEC (2007, 2008, 2009)

7.  AP Player of the Year (2007)

8.  NCAA QB of the Year (2007)

People do tease him--I've heard it and read it.  Undoubtedly, people will continue to tease him.  Let them, for no amount of teasing can ever take away all he has accomplished; they can never take away his faith. 

This multi-talented young man has stated he is a virgin and intends to save himself for his wedding night. Being a quarterback in the NFL will bring many, many challenges, on and off the field. Stay strong, Tim, stay strong--you are the very definition of a role model.


  1. WHAT. well maybe those who tease are males...

    and if there are any females who does tease him, is that they want to be the first one to devirginize him. lol

    i think its sweet the fact he wants to save his virginity for his wedding night..

    although he surely must catch up watching porn. coz her bride might be disappointed. lol :)

  2. I have also heard and read a lot of stuff about him. I think it is difficult to be openly and devotely religious in today's society where you tend to not as openly discuss and present religion to people. From the bible passages to his stance on waiting for his wedding night...the things he has chosen to stand up for are not easy. It's sad but the world we live in commends instant gratification and sleazy behavior in their role models. I know nothing...nor care to know anything about football (frankly I can't stand it) and could care less about all he has accomplished professionally (though I'm sure it's impressive)...what makes him a man is that no matter what it is he picks to stand by...he's doing just that. Sticking to his guns, ingnoring the critics (cause there will always be some) and doing what is best for him. I commend him.

  3. I have to tell you...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tim Tebow! I am a huge Florida Football fan, so I think he is awesome. Whatever his beliefs, those are his own personal choices that the public should respect. But on the field? Thats where I care about what he does.....goooo Tebow!