Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Wednesday: From Me-Why Do I End Up With The Weird Ones?

This week's Why Wednesday isn't one of the many "why" questions I get from friends and family regarding my life's choice to wait for love. Nope. Instead, I've got a "why" question for myself.

After recounting a couple of interesting dates, and recalling other oddities I have yet to share, I suffered a mild meltdown when I realized...I don't think I've ever really had a great date.  *here's where the slight panicky feeling starts to come over me*

And it's not because I'm uber picky or have my nose stuck up in the air--that's not me. So, why?  Why on earth do I seem to end up with the weirdest guys on the planet?

Now, there is nothing wrong with being different or weird, even. Heck, some people think I'm weird and different just because I have chosen to wait for love, and I'm totally okay with it. This decision does make me does my serious love affair with Marc Jacobs handbags and my passion for football, NASCAR, etc. I've been called a trader to the female way of life because I happen to love handbags AND sports.

If someone isn't going to give me a chance--get to know me--and simply judge me on a life decision, then there is nothing I can do about it; I will forever be weird and different in their minds.  It is what it is, and I am who I am. 

But, am I wrong to think that my "uncommon" decision is vastly different from, say, howling at the moon because you're a past-life werewolf or spitting out your food on the table because you have a tricky palette? Aren't those different kinds of weird? Maybe I'm wrong. 

My decision is based on the heart and on a dream, as stupid as it sounds.  Does that make me the same kind of weird as the howler and the spit guy?

Maybe the bottom line is this:  it's okay to be just have to find someone who is the same kind-of weird as you...or, you know, at least similar.


  1. You are perfect just as you are. You are saving yourself a lot of heartache and baggage and it's YOUR decision and yours alone to make. You don't have to rationalize it to anyone. Will men see it as different? Sure, but the right one will see it as commendable and wonderful. No worries, I'm sure your "same kind of weird" is out there somewhere!

  2. I find women tend to attract a certain type of man even though they do not want to, it is strange but I always find that happens especially in your early twenty's-I think that in order to change it you have to accept dates from men you would never think of going on.

  3. Howling at the moon is way weirder than waiting for love. So is spitting out food on a date.

  4. The first thing my sister ever said about my rent-a-hubby after she met him was "you finally found someone as dorky as you". I knew he was special when he saw all the things that others were annoyed by, didn't care about, or didn't notice, and was amazed by them. I am quirky, uniquely tallented, and yes, a bit of a dork. And he loves it. The others hated these things about me.

    When you find that one who adores you for all your passions, you will have found the one.

  5. You hit it completely right.."the same weird as you". Even after being married for 6 years, my husband and I find little things about each other that are similar that we didn't know. I'm not saying we're perfect..but it's neat like that.
    Unfortunately 'love' isn't like you see in the movies. It's not fireworks and flowers and background music. My Mom always says that "Even Prince Charming had smelly socks". Where am I going with this? You are gonna find a guy out there that will buy you a new MJ bag and present it to you WHILE you guys are watching NASCAR (pref during a commercial break). He may even howl at the moon, but it will be endearing to you...not a completely whacko thing (and my head is still spinning as to WHY that guy did it on a first date!).

  6. Y'all are so wonderful! Thank you. Can't even begin to tell you how happy your comments made me! *Hugs to you all*