Monday, September 20, 2010

Makeup Magic Monday: Zit Zapper!!

We've all had them--those pesky little numbers that pop up out of nowhere. When you do get one, don't panic...just grab a tube of Acne Free Terminator to keep on the shelf for times when stress (or raging hormones) gives you a zit.

This stuff works. As females, we know that certain times of the month can give us a pimple (dang those hormones!). Rather than wait for the sucker to go away, slather this stuff on in the morning and at night before going to bed (just give it enough time to dry). You'll notice a marked change in that zit within a day, maybe less. 

I keep this stuff on the shelf for emergency zit-usage. It's really fabulous. Another big plus? It's only about $5 at Target.

*NOTE: could cause drying/peeling. I find that using a moisturizer and gently buffing with a warm cloth helps with any drying that may occur.


  1. LOL! There's something called "Terminator" for your skin? LOl Awesome!

  2. I concur. It totally works. I made sure I had it when I left for school :)