Monday, September 27, 2010

My Cowboys WIN!!! FINALLY!!!!

Hurray!!! No depression, no mourning period necessary! No Tylenol followed by Advil when the Tylenol doesn't cut it. Nope, not this weekend.  Why? Because my Cowboys looked like the team they can be and handled the Houston Texans, winning convincingly.

Let's keep it goin' 'Boys!


  1. Go Romo...
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I have signed up as a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower of it.

  2. I only wish I could say the same of my Giants, who currently are the suckiest team in the NFL..well, at least Bret won. Give one up for the old man...:)

  3. Steve: Thank you so much--I am following your blog. :)

    Covnitkepr1: :) Romo had a great game--that's the Romo we see in the stats. Thank you--I am following your blog as well and look forward to reading more.

    Alessandra: That was a tough loss for the Giants. I don't think they are the suckiest team, though--I'm still anxious about my Cowboys having to play them. They are always a threat. You know, I get the negativity about Brett, but I can't help but root for the old guy (not that he's old, but for football it is quite an achievement to still play at such a high level).