Friday, September 3, 2010

The Frisky Virgin: Blog Of Substance Award Winner!!!!!

I'm truly overwhelmed.  The wonderfully kind Queen Of The Rant has honored me with the Blog Of Substance Award. I cannot possibly express to you how grateful I am. It took every bit of internal strength I had to start this blog, to put my heart and soul out there.  To be a virgin in this day and time, and at my age, is difficult, but to actually stand up and TELL people is markedly more difficult.  Never in a million years did I think I would meet so many wonderful people on here--people who encourage this choice of mine, as well as my wish to show people that it's okay to wait for love...that it's okay to be different...that virgins are normal people who have simply chosen a different path.  I thank you so very much, Queen.

Now, in order to accept this award I must do the following:

1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award: Again, I must thank you so very, very much, Queen. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me.

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words: To enlighten people about virginity.

3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

This is one of the toughest decisions I've had to make, for there are countless blogs I'd love to name. You know I'd name you all if I could. In random order:

1. Dusting Myself Off  

As one of the first people I met, Rebekah instantly made me feel welcome in this world of blogging.  Her blog is more than a blog about marriage, love, and life; it is a blog that gives you hope, and it's one of my absolute favorites: funny, heartwarming, honest, and an absolute joy to read.

2.  Only If Your're Listening...

This blog is one you will love to read.  From her "letters to her future husband" to the "much needed comic relief," it's a fun, uplifting blog about finding our way through this life.

3.  Little Match Girl

Follow the adventures of online dating in the Big Apple with Little Match Girl.  Reading her adventures makes online dating a lot less scary. One of my favorite reads!!

4.  It's An Average Life

The name of this blog just jumps off the page, as does her blog when you start reading it: it's filled with honesty and humor about life, love, and everything in between.

5.  Turning 30: A Journey of Self Exploration

Truly one of my favorites! This blog is without a doubt one that opens my eyes and makes me think.  She is raw, real, and true--three characteristics that seem vastly undervalued today. 

6.  Stephen On Stuff

As one of my only guy followers, I love to hear his perspective on things as much as I love reading his blog.  You will find an array of interesting, funny posts that always entertain.

7.  Cup-Tin Creations

Read all about good eats, fun stories, and maybe even cook up a recipe or two.

8. Renewed Day By Day

Uplifting, inspiring, faith. Those are the words that instantly come to mind when I visit this blog.

9.  The Adventures Of Cinderita

Recently, this wonderful blogger stopped my my blog, and I'm so glad she did. Her blog is uplifting, fun, and inspiring. Truly a wonderful blog.

10.  The Anonymous Perils Of A Single Southern Woman (WARNING: At Times, Adult Content)

The name alone instantly grabbed my attention...and then I began reading her blog. She warns you up front that there may be X-rated material at times, and that should tell you just how honest and open this blogger is about life, love, and everything in between. 

11.  mytressa

Although I have only just started reading this blog, I can already see it is going to be a favorite.

12. Surviving Boys

Rent-A-Hubby.  That's all it took to get me completely and totally hooked on her blog! Although, he's not a Rent-A-Hubby any longer!! Now we can all look forward to engagement stories, wedding prep...oh, the possibilities are endless! You are a wonderful person, and I'm so very happy for you!!!!

I know, I added a couple extra, but it's always been tradition in my family to do just that with birthday candles for good luck. Why not apply that here?

To anyone I might have missed or forgotten--I'm so know I value each and every single one of you so much.

Queen--thank you again. *hugs to you*


  1. You absolutely deserve the award and thank you for giving me one as well! I am honored to be listed with the other blogs on your list and with you! It's been a true joy reading your thoughts and opinions everyday and I look forward to doing it for a long time to come! :-)

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  3. Thanks! Yes, the wedding stuff will follow... right now I'm just enjoying the shiny ring. :) Congrats on your award, I saw you on the list with me! Yeah us! I did not relist you, ONLY because I was trying to avoid the double list thing, so we would all not be enveloped in the chain-award-cricle thing. (Does this make any sense?) Any how... Love your posts, they make me think... and giggle...and think some more. (In a good way.)Enjoy your award! -J

  4. I commented first just thanking you...then I realized I should really regale you for the brilliant mind that you are! You are one of my FAVORITE blogs to read! Coming from a used-to-be virgin I can relate to so many of the things you write about!
    Thank you so much for including me in your list of recipients! It means SO much!!!

  5. You are too sweet. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my blog. It's going to take me a couple days to whittle down my list of blogs I love, but I wanted you to know I really appreciate your kind words even if the post doesn't appear for a while.

  6. Oh, and I'm cheating and re-listing you.

  7. Aw, you're too kind! Listen, anytime you want to take care of this virginity thing, you know who to contact - your only male follower ;)

  8. Aww, Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it!! And thank you for listing me! You just made my day!! :))) I totally would've come by earlier, but I caught the nastiest bout of stomach flu I can ever remember having. Stuck lying down for three days was sooo unfun! I'm still recovering. Yuck! lol

    And I just have to LOL at Steve G. ;) Nice move, haha!!

  9. HEY!!!!!!!! I just saw that you listed me, well that is just so sweet!!! I am very honoured. Congrats to you because quite frankly, I think your blog is so hilarious and it makes me giggle every time I see it!


  10. Wow! Thank you! I had no idea you had listed me as a BwS. Wow! Thank you so much!! How sweet are you?! I have been away for the weekend and am just catching up! I'm so glad I came by to see you tonight! Thank you! xo

  11. Thanks so much Frisky! After the taking the weekend off from blogging, getting an award is super nice to come back to!

  12. Love it! Thanks so much! I'll be completing my list really soon! :)

  13. Congrats on your award! I must say, reading your blogs is one of those things that at the end of the day helps keep me sane and give me a good laugh every once in awhile. You totally deserve it. And I'm so honored that you listed me for Only If... coming from my very first follower, it means a lot!