Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No True Blood Tuesday....so....

...here is the first sort-of supernatural story to help us ease from True Blood Tuesday to no True Blood Tuesday.

Not too long ago, a man I hardly knew asked me the following question: "What are you?"

Now, if you are a fan of the True Blood series, you might recognize that question. In my case, the man was not a Bill-type, dang it...and it wasn't at night, so I definitely didn't uncover some mythological realm roaming amongst us lowly humans. 

Me, a little perplexed by his question: "Um, well, I'm a girl..."

Him: "No, I mean, are you for real?"

Me, utterly perplexed: "Um, yes...I mean, I'm me. I'm just me...who I am...if that's what you're asking.  If I may, did I walk into some alternate universe where girls are a rare species or something because you're kinda creeping me out right now?"

Him, smiling: "Sorry, it's just...there's something different about you."

Me, thinking: Dear God, am I unwittingly flashing my virginity? Am I virgin flasher? Should I just throw on a trench coat, rock a pair of Manolos, and let it all out? Gah!

Me, clearing my throat: "I'm sorry, but...huh?"

Him: "Can't quite put my finger on it...whatever it is, it's a good thing."

Me: "Oh, um, thank you...I think." So, there's an it about me and that's a good thing. Hmm. Not sure I'm loving the word choice. Still, I'm sure he meant well.

Okay, not so much supernatural, but it did get me thinking: Can some men sense a virgin? Am I unknowingly wearing it like a designer label (yeah, maybe some wouldn't see it as a designer label, but, you know, I gotta give myself something positive, right? And it's not like it's a common label...it's a little more exclusive, right?  Hence, designer label.).

Oooh, can I claim it as a superpower?!?!?!  I'm totally in the bright side, positive-thinking mode today...pretty soon I'm going to annoy the crud outta myself.


  1. I say claim it as a superpower! If guys are sensing something about you maybe it is awesomely-mysterious-they-must-get-to-know-you vibe!
    Or maybe you're a fairy!
    Sad face, no True Blood, what am I going to do with myself??

  2. ABSOLUTELY! CLAIM IT SISTA! Claim away! You've earned it!!

    and I miss Bill already..OH and I just remembered I haven't watched the season finale yet! Oops!

    shhh don't say anything!

  3. I'd have to agree, claim it and don't be shy about it. I'm not a guy, but I wouldn't think a guy really wants to bring a 'worn out model' at home to mom and dad. Otherwise, why would guys always want to know (sooner or later) how many exs you have?

    p.s. don't hate for it, but I can't stand this vampire crap, who would want to date some skinny, pale, orthodontically challenged guy?...Yuk

  4. Survey says claim it, so...I'm totally claiming it! lol

    Alessandra: lol, no worries--it's all in the name of fun anyhow, but I hear what you're saying. :)

  5. It's like the scarlet V. :)
    Alessandra's ps makes me giggle!

  6. I think they can-my man is quite good at picking out a trashy girl in opposed to a non-trashy girl-they have some sort of gift to know who they can take home to momma-I would take it as a compliment-where is this guy and why are you not dating him?? lol

  7. I agree! It's a superpower!! :D

    I bet some people can sense if others are virgins or not. (At least, I think my husband and I did! LOL)

    Was that guy someone you work with? :O Or just a complete stranger? 'Cause if he's a COMPLETE stranger then that's really weird! Maybe he's the one with the superpower?? Hehehe

  8. Queen: He's a nice guy, but he's married.

    Jen: He wasn't a complete stranger, but I didn't know him that well. It threw me, that's for sure. lol