Thursday, September 9, 2010

When I Watch Football

1.  I don't talk, unless it's football related. I'm completely IN the game. I don't mind random, SHORT little exchanges off the topic of football, but don't expect long conversations--ain't gonna happen. This is especially true when my team is on the field...I'm there to support my team, so kindly shut it.

2.  Sometimes, I will coach from the couch...and I don't suck at it, either...of course, I've had some darn good "coaches"  (my mama, daddy, and papaw). 

3.  I occasionally swear.  Because I don't make it a habit, people usually laugh, even though I'm soooo not joking...I'm in the zone, y'all.

4.  From time to time, I will unleash on the refs.  Who hasn't, right? Those little zebras get on my last nerve sometimes.

5.  I can cheer with the best of them...expect cheering, clapping, etc. I'm not a sit-there-look-pretty female football fan.

6.  If you are not a fan of my team, it's all good--I don't have a problem with healthy competition...just respect that we are all football fans here.  IF you decide to take a walk down poor loser/snarky a** road, I will, in an extremely polite, swear-free manner, verbally go toe-to-toe with you...and I will win (playing around here)--Done the sparring thing before...with football players that are waaaaaaay bigger than me. (this is true and it was a blast--we had a great time!). Sparring can actually be pretty fun. (Again, I'm playing around here, just in case you didn't realize...grrr...just havin' fun).

7.  When the outcome of a game comes down to the last minute or so, I will pace.  Don't stop me; it is something I must do. I must pace.

8.  If my team loses, I need a mourning period...unless they play horrible, pathetic football, in which case, I will rant.  If my team wins, I will revel in victory, but not to the point of being obnoxious. 

I love this game. I love my team. This is me. If you don't like it...I'll meet you on the football field.  Meow, darling.

1 comment:

  1. I take it we're talking American Football now and not Soccer?
    I'm soccer mad but over here in Germany I don't see enough of my team , Liverpool :-(
    So many of your points ring true for me too, except the first one. If I watch the footy and my wife wants to talk about the kids, I'll indulge her with half an ear because I don't need a sad on spoiling a victory :-)