Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All I Ask

So, since I have my funky love post over on Cinderita's blog, I figure I'll continue on the love trend.  I think most of us agree that love has been made uber complicated these days. So stupid, really. Love should be the simplest, most wonderful part of life, and yet people find a way make it anything but. Shame.

I still believe in the simplistic, uncomplicated version. That's me. Love--pure and simple, love. Trusting the other person is a bit problematic. Whether I'm destined to find it in this world or not, I do not know. I have my doubts. And if I end up alone, it's okay. I'd rather be alone on my own than alone in a relationship.

To me, love isn't about money, prestige, or any of those shallow things. Love should be about two hearts, two souls. Period.

Now, enough with the heavy stuff.

If you listen to the lyrics of a timeless classic, I think they will say it better than I ever could: All I Ask Of You, from The Phantom of the Opera.


  1. Awesome song choice!! And you did a FABULOUS job over at my place! Anytime you wish to come back. you just say the word!

  2. Great song! Love is not complicated. We make it so. Keep hope alive girlie! :)

  3. Hang in there. Love will find you if it's meant to be.

  4. I don't usually post links to my blog when leaving a comment, but I recently wrote about this, and you have a lot of the same mindsets. Kind of uncanny ;) http://philosophyofklo.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-is-love.html

    Love is elusive ... if it was common and came at the same time for everyone, it would take away some of the magic. Anyway, that's what I keep telling myself. Keep smiling :-)

  5. Yes, that song is timeless. I just enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for posting.

  6. i LOVE the phantom of the opera! i want to see it on broadway so bad but i've seen it in vegas. great song choice! although i still wished she picked the phantom :/

  7. Love the song. I totally agree that love should be the happiest part of your life and when you find your love it will be. Just keep dancing and switching chairs my dear...your partner will come.

    Loved your guest blog at Rita's!

  8. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite movie :D

  9. Do you remember that song 'Love Hurts'? I don't know who sang it, but I think there's some truth in it, just like there's truth in your post. Yes love should make you happy, and giddy, and smiling etc., but I think love is a commitment, so at times it's not just a song and dance. That said, I'd rather have loved and lost than never had loved at all. Somebody said that, but I'm totally taking credit for it here...

  10. I haven't checked out your guest post, but I will after this....

    Love and trust really are possible together, but it takes work. That being said, there's not a lot in this life that's good, that we come by easily, right?

    Love sometimes means picking someone's heart up off the floor when it's been trampled on and broken. I know from personal experience that you have that one down pretty solidly. I think that makes you just right for love.

    Don't ever give up hope my friend.

    XOXO M.

  11. Frisk, you should write a book. You'd probably change quite a few lives with your views on love. =D

    And look at that! You only need 2 more followers to be at 100! Woo! Good for you, girlie. =]

  12. Cinderita: Thank you so much. I would love to be a guest blogger for you anytime. :)

    Yvonne: We really do. I'm hanging onto hope!

    Eva: Yep, if it's meant to be, it will be. :)

    KLo: Thank you so much for leaving the link--I read your post and commented...it was a fantastic read and I totally understood every word.

    Kat: It's one of my favorite songs. :)

    Robyn: I'm glad you enjoyed it. It always gets to me. So simple and beautiful.

    Aubree: I always cry for the Phantom. He just wanted to be loved. :(

    Jewels: *Hugs* Thank you.

    Lex: It's one of my favorites, too. :)

    Alessandra: There is a lot of truth in that. In the end, I reckon I would rather have memories of love than not have any at all.

    Martha: Think you are right. *Hugs* I'll keep hanging with hope. :)

    Stephanie: Aww, you are a sweetheart, thank you. *Hugs*

    I can't even believe I have so many followers! I remember hoping I'd get 5. *blushes* It's overwhelming.

  13. Love itself is not complicated.

    Relationships, however, are infinitely complicated.