Thursday, February 24, 2011

When People Say Mean Things

Sometimes people say mean things. For whatever reason, they can't help themselves. 

Maybe they knock your lifestyle, your choices, your family, your significant other, your job, or even your looks.

Maybe they're just joking around...maybe they're serious...maybe they want to bring you down...and maybe you shouldn't care. 

Don't let someone's words get you down. 

When someone feels the need to verbally lash out at another for no apparent reason, don't get mad (though you may want to)...don't get sad (because they'd love that and it's a useless emotion)...and don't get even (despite your knee-jerk reaction to spew venom right back--yes, this would be more fun, but would you feel good afterward? Wait. Don't answer that). 

Instead, feel sorry for them...because anyone who feels the need to be a jackass clearly has more issues than you could ever imagine having. And that alone is a damn good reason to feel grateful in the face of bullies (of all ages).

Remember: it's your life, not his, hers, or theirs. Yours. Chin up, square shoulders, and move on. And if you want to flip 'em the finger on the, hell, go for it.


  1. Well put.

    It takes practice, but after a while it gets easier to take yourself out of someone else's opinion.

    I love that I get to choose whether I am going to take on what they have to say, or whether I am going to let it go.

    My life, my choice.

    love love

  2. I prefer to keep it all bottled up until I get home, then write a stern letter to the Universe...

  3. I've always been a bully's bully. I never put up with it all, and I actually made quite a few friends that way [both people who didn't want to be bullied, and bullies who didn't want me to stay that way]. A good way to live life, I must say.

    I tagged you for a handwriting meme. That means you gotta break out a pen and write the old fashioned way. Go check it. =]

  4. Amen! Karma will come around and bite them in the butt.

  5. Go you! Very true and very well said! :-)

  6. everyone else already said it, but well said! :)
    a couple months ago at work out of nowhere one of the seasonal guys told me i was too skinny/ needed to redye my hair and that i had big ears (yeah i'll give him that one, they are kind of big haha but not THAT big!) and i was tempted to say something mean but i didn't. aha maybe i'm finally growing up!

  7. Just the right post for something I recently did... more as a result of what was done to me.
    Sweet advice.

  8. Funny you should post this. I just got yelled at by a cab driver. I blew him a kiss!

  9. 100% agreed and I'm moving on. Won't be around for a little while, but I'll be back. Hopefully soon.

    Peace my friend,

  10. You are very wise ;-)

    Oh, and I tagged you in a book meme ... an interesting chance to share what you're reading with the blogosphere. It was meant as a compliment, but don't feel obligated ;-)

  11. You're right, and a reminder is always helpful.
    Have a good weekend, FV.

  12. Awesome the 'flip them the finger' on the sly bit :)