Monday, February 28, 2011

The Art Of Conversation

What the heck is in the water today (well, this vibe actually started yesterday and has seemed to carry through to today)?! I swear, it feels like I'm getting talked over left and right.

It's. Driving. Me. Mad.

Maybe we need to go over a few brief pointers from the It's Not All About You Guide to Conversing With Others (you know, that little invisible handbook your mama passes down to you in the form of manners): 

Step one: Take a breath. Breathe. Allow others to interject thoughts. Kindly remember the world does not revolve around you, nor does the sun shine out of your...well, you get the picture.

Step two: Listen to what others have to say. Allow them to share the air. Everyone is entitled to the same amount of oxygen.

Step three: Nod or otherwise acknowledge that you are listening. Staring into oblivion...or at my chest...or at my lips while licking your own...are not suitable ways of letting someone know you are listening--it only shows what you are thinking.

Get these first three steps down, and we're on the road to a much better--less aggravating--conversation. 

Ugh. I just had to vent a little. Sorry about that. Feel better now, though. That's what blogs are for, right?

Time to hum some sunshine-y tune...or, my luck, some hormone-y song.

Sigh. It's a Monday.

On a significantly brighter note, Colin Firth won the Academy for Best Actor, my Mavs won this weekend, AND Dale Earnhardt Jr. overcame quite a bit of on-track adversity to grab a top ten finish at Phoenix. Whoop! *Did I just -whoop-?*


  1. You're too funny. But this post is very true.

  2. haha excellent pointers. i had a friend who would always interrupt and just start off on a new tangent, it was sooooo annoying.

  3. I think you did! I think you whooped!

  4. I wish MY mother had that invisible little handbook passed down to her, 'cause she certainly needs it...

    And Yay, Dale Jr! :-)

  5. I LOVE that Mr.Darcy finally got an award!!! lol.... he is soo dreamy. AND Christian Bale finally won one as well!

  6. That is some good advice for conversations.

  7. In all fairness, if a woman is dressed so that 2/3's of her chest is exposed, she has to expect that it will get attention. (Not to mean you dress that way, but I'm just sayin')

  8. This doesn't usually happen to me (getting talked over), but I always stare in awe when I'm a 3rd party observing it happening to someone else. I always wonder: how could you *not* know you're being rude to this person?

    Seriously, though, how can you possibly not see that you just interrupted the person you're talking to? Seems like something fairly obvious, no? And as such, it means you're being an intentional ass!

    I wonder about people sometimes . . .

  9. It never stops amazing me how little people understand about conversations and manners. Way to call them out on it-and politely give them hints as to how to talk to other humans. Some people are ridiculously self centered.

    Whooops is still better than Anne's Wooo Hooo's! ;-)

  10. Well put. Good conversation is an art!

  11. I love this! I have been dealing with this every day for awhile now and you just summed up exactly what I would like to say to them. Getting talked over is no fun Xp

    Love the blog! :)

  12. I think the true art of conversation is going the way of the hand-written letter -into oblivion. I can't stand, just can't stand when people talk over me! It drives me insane! Hope your venting made you feel better sweets!

  13. I still haven't seen The King's Speech :( Tragic, I know.

  14. You know, some people just don't know how to hold a conversation. It's really sad! I think others just assume that it's something you're born knowing how to converse, but it's definately learned.