Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine's Day Rescue Mission

While you are out buying all kinds of yummy Valentine's candy on sale, do me a little favor? Take a look at all those little cute cuddly faces staring out from the sale bins, and, maybe, rescue one.

This is something my papaw started a very long time ago; it's a tradition my mom, dad, and I have kept going. My papaw was like Santa Claus, minus the beard and belly like a bowl full of jelly. His blue eyes twinkled with pure goodness, and his heart was beautifully big.

When I was little, he always said that the little leftover Valentine's, Christmas, Easter, and/or Halloween animals were those most in need of a home. First thing the day after a holiday, he went over to the local drugstore and picked up a little fella.  He felt they would hold an extra special place in the heart of the person receiving them.  

So, while you're rescuing the chocolate from going into a garbage bin, think about one of those little faces staring at you--you never know when it might be just what you need. After all, we're never too old for a hug and smiling face. 

We've carried on my papaw's tradition. Maybe you will too. :)

And, um, I know I sound like a total dork, but...I'm okay with dork. 


  1. Okay, that was just... touching. I think I might cry. Terrific, like we needed more stuffed toys around this place!

  2. Have you ever slept with one of those critters, Miss Virgin? I would name him "Captain Kirk" if you had.

  3. I might just do that. One of my coworkers daughters always comes in on Mondays and I could have one there for her next week.

  4. Um that is adorable! I resist the urge to buy discount candy since I have to be in a bridesmaids dress in 7 short months...and I'm not much for sweets anyway *gasp shock* but I love stuffed animals...especially sad homeless ones. I may have to go and do this and give the little girl I nanny for a "rescue". What a sweet idea. Thanks! HUGS

  5. I bought myself one today! lol I sleep with a teddy bear (what? sheddup!)but its time to put that thing to pasture. So I needed a new one! lol

  6. How funny that you posted this. I actually went to Walmart last night to pick up some storage bins and cleaning supplies, while pushing my 16-month old son around he started throwing a fit, so I grabbed one of those little stuffed animals out of the bin and gave it to him to keep him content. I planned on ditching it before we got to the register, but he wasn't giving that stuffed little green frog holding a big pink heart up. So I bought it, and he now sleeps with it lol. I saved a Valentine's Day frog :)