Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Takin' The Fish Off The Hook

I've never particularly cared for being a fish. What girl does? But, there are some men who sneakily slip a hook in the mouth without you consciously realizing as much. *um, that is not meant to sound dirty in any way, shape, or form, btw*

Even after you remove the hook, some men just don't get it.  You can remove that damn hook over and over again, but he'll continue trying to keep you hanging there, just in case he's ready to yank you into his little boat one day.

This sticky-fisherman wants to keep the fresh little fishy close, while enjoying his fried catfish on the side.

Though you may swim away as fast as your little fins will carry you--trying to avoid that pesky hook--sometimes it is necessary to pull a Jaws and just face the son of a gun.

If you have the fortitude, going Jaws is really very effective in possibly, officially removing and retiring his beloved hook.

So, if you have a sticky-fisherman in your life, consider going Jaws...make him have to get a bigger boat.


  1. Nice analogy. lol Going "Jaws" on someone a few years ago would have been helpful. Then.

  2. Some women have been that way too, and currently I may be dealing with one of those. The Jaws analogy is totally appropriate in this case.

  3. Of all the little fishies in the sea . . .

    LOL! Greatly done! Very well written and creative. I like the way you think. :)

    "Going Jaws" should be the new Net speak for empowered women. Love it!

  4. Yes women are just as bad for doing that as men are.

  5. You're obviously quite a catch, Miss Virgin.

  6. Men these days don't even use the right bait.

  7. I really, *really* want sushi now.

    I probably meant that in a dirty way. Let's go with both ways since I could go for a poke roll right about now.

    (Hahaha, that just made it sound even dirtier!)

  8. Frisky-I loved this post!!! Go Jaws on him. hehe. What a wonderful clever girl you! I can think of a guy or two to go Jaws on. Thanks for making me smile, sweets.

  9. ROFLMAO!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you! :-)

  10. You know, some fishermen cast their hooks all day and still come up empty.. Like your writing style a lot.

  11. If only the Jaws soundtrack would start playing loudly in our ears when there's a fisherman within the vicinity, a gal wouldn't get hooked in the first place.

  12. Nicely done!!! Loved this!!!! :)

  13. That's a little bit like soft porn...or is that just me? lol.

    I love it! I think everyone's got someone they can go Jaws on...

  14. J. Day: Thanks. You never know when he might resurface--those kinds of guys can't seem to keep from casting the hook. If he does, and you're so inclined--go Jaws. ;)

    Porkstar: You're right--I've known women who do the same thing to men. So not cool.

    David: :) Thank you so much!!!! That means a lot. Oooh, I love it--Going Jaws, the new net phrase for female empowerment! Cool.

    Oilfield: Yep, there are quite a few women who are very familiar with the hook. They are typically not-so-nice women.

    Gorilla: Awww, you are sweet! Thank you!

    Jenner: LOL Too true.

    Katsidhe: You are seriously too funny!!! LOL

    Jewels: *Hugs* Thank you!!! I had fun with this one. It was ALL I could think about when the sticky fisherman in my world kept at it with that stupid hook.

    Chocolateangel: :) Thank you so much! So glad you liked it!

    Alessandra: LOL Very true! And thank you--coming from a teacher, that totally makes my day. It doesn't matter how old I get, the inner studious student in me will always strive for the A or gold star.

    Rawknrobin: Oh, how cool an idea is that?!!!! Yeah!!! We need the Jaws theme!! That would make things a lot easier! :)

    Yvonne: Thank you bunches!!! :)

    Cinderita: Totally didn't mean it that way! LOL