Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying To Clean Up The Blog...And The Survivor Game (Again)

***Okay, first off, I'm so sorry for the posting issues--blame the Blog Blonde. I totally flaked while attempting to clean up the blog. Ugh.

Do y'all ever rework your blog? I was doing that earlier, but deleted the wrong post while watching the NASCAR truck series race and getting all teary eyed over it being the 10 year anniversary of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s passing. I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Then, I posted a re-post, but realized I wanted to ask y'all what you do when you remodel your I deleted that one. Sigh. I apologize again. 

Blog remodeling questions:

-Do you relabel posts?

-Do you narrow your labels down? That's something I've been working on after noticing some labels that were too similar.

-Do you delete posts? If so, why? Sometimes I'll delete them if they're obsolete (things that no longer matter or even things from when I first started blogging and asked questions about how to blog...stuff like that).

-Have you ever tried different layouts? I have, but it never looks right to me, so I ultimately stay with the same thing.  I'm probably doing something wrong, though...I'm not so good at this stuff.

I'll try to keep the blog blonde from having another flake-out anytime soon.

I want to make sure I re-post Kelly's Survivor game links. :)

For a super fun change of pace, Kelly (who has an awesomely wonderful blog) over at My Joy Project just started a blogging game based on the show Survivor! If you are a Survivor fan, like playing blogging games, like winning, or just like getting prizes, check it out!! Survivor Blogging Game


  1. I have changed my layout and banner 3 times since I started in 2009, but I'm pretty happy with my current one, and since I paid for the banner, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay with my current layout.
    I have reposted a couple of times, but I haven't changed titles or deleted any. I keep thinking that Frisky Virgin is an oxymoron; if you were that frisky, you probably would no longer be a virgin! lol

  2. I have to sit down and really work on mine. I want to change some things around...I just never seen to have the time with 2 blogs and a life to manage. haha. I want a different background and need to re-size some margins. I don't typically mess with much else unless it's fonts/font color/link color...that type of thing.

    For me just adding those tabs was a big deal! haha.

    And no...I've never deleted any prior posts. My achives just kind of sit there. I don't know that I have any that I'd consider obsolete and I kind of like having a record there of what was important at what time...does that make sense?

    Have a great Saturday, dear.

  3. I've retooled my blog a couple of times, beside changing the background etc. I find that I get tired to look at the same layout/background, so I change it,but I haven't messed with the content too much. I do like to add pictures. I like Carol's blog at Facing 50 with Humor, she has a lot of pictures and I'm thinking about adding some myself.

  4. I've changed my layout once since 2008 to what it is now. But other than that, no. I never touch any other item. I love my archives and my labels, and will read up on old posts every now and then to remind myself of the state of mind I was in during certain "milestone" periods.

  5. I go back and tweak my posts and the titles or labels, routinely. I'm too computer challenged to rework the look of my blog. (I've started to think about hiring someone for that.) You are not blonde, but I am. [Thank goodness for hair dye.] Blogger goes wild sometimes when you make a minor change. Don't be so hard on yourself.
    I don't delete any posts. I like having the full of my blog on record. xoRobyn

  6. Eva: I really like the look of your blog.

    LOL--My mama tells me I'm a strong girl, being able to hold true to this decision of mine. Being a virgin this long definitely brings out the frisky. ;) Hope the fates will send me a man who is willing to deal with my ever-growing friskiness.

    Jewels: Oh, when you told me how to add the tabs, it was like the biggest thing! lol I was elated to have added them successfully, although I did have a few hiccups on the order of the tabs. lol I do understand what you mean about blog posts being a snapshot in time.

    Alessandra: I love how your blog looks. Pictures are always so much fun and they seem to really make a blog jump right off the screen.

    David: That makes a lot of sense. Some of my labels were bugging me because they were nearly identical to others I have, only not getting used as much.

    Robyn: Aww, blonde hair is beautiful, truly. Ever since I was a little girl, I've had some very light golden-blonde throughout my hair, so I like to joke and say it takes over from time to time.

    Thanks, and I'll try not be so hard on myself. :)

  7. You know sweetie... I have changed my look a zillion times (I get bored easily), but sometimes that confuses people because they are use to the look etc etc As for posts, I deleted about 50 of them in January. I love cleaning up stuff!

    have a great weekend darlin!

  8. Tracy is right. She has changed hers many times. As you know I've reworked mine a few times. I am in love with the format of mine right now and plan on keeping it for ever and ever..or until I get bored, or find a great new photo or something. lol. But I don't generally delete posts. I have deleted one or two rants, but no. Once it's there it's there to stay. I don't have a problem with that. I love the tabs too. They come in very handy. I would love to see what you do with yours. But keep in mind, it does take some time. I have spent an entire evening changing mine up...