Thursday, February 17, 2011

Relevance and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Question: If someone said to you, "You are not relevant," would that be offensive? How about if someone said, "You [he or she] need to try to become relevant?"

I once had a couple of classmates--groupie girls--tell me that they would never invite me to a post-game party because the Mr. So-and-so's would never be interested in me.  According to them,  I "...would not be relevant to guys like that." i.e. I wasn't a groupie and wouldn't do groupie things.  Of course, relevant was a newly discovered word for them, so maybe they just wanted to work it into a sentence that day. *eye roll*

I remember thinking, what happened to people liking each other for who they really are, not what they do...or don't do? When did being genuine become an irrelevant thing? 

Relevant is like the new buzz word used to talk people down.

If you googled Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s name in the weeks leading up to the Daytona 500, all you read were headlines questioning just how relevant he still is in racing. The headlines included things like: Dale Tries To Become Relevant; Last Chance For Dale Jr. To Remain Relevant, Dale Jr: Racing For Relevance.


Then you see headlines like, Why Doesn't Dale Jr. Smile Anymore? Wow, I wonder. How much would you want to smile if someone kept badgering you about relevancy, talent, passion, blah, blah, blah??? 

Everyone is relevant in this world.  In such a big 'ol place, it's nice to know you are relevant to your mama, your daddy, your friends, and your loved ones.

As for Dale, he will always be relevant in NASCAR.  It's funny to me, really, that these people who question his relevancy fail to see the irony in what they write: if he wasn't relevant, then why are you writing about him? See? Relevant. More than that, though, he's relevant to the people that matter most in his life--his loved ones...and you can toss in a slew of fans for the heck of it. Not so shabby.

What's my point? Well, I guess it's just to think about what you say before you say it.  We're all in the same boat, no matter our name or station in the end, we're all after the same general things.

***NASCAR NOTE: Yesterday, while running in a two-car tandem with teammate Jimmie Johnson, Robbie Gordon, David Gilliland, and Michael Waltrip veered in front of the 48, causing him to check up and get a little loose. When he did, Dale had to slow up and was hit from behind by Martin Truex Jr. So, even though he won the pole, Dale will have to start in the back of the pack. No biggie. You can move from the back to the front pretty quickly at Daytona...especially if you're the 88.


  1. I can tell you're a big NASCAR fan. For me, it's basketball, as you already know if you saw my blog today!

  2. Wow you and I must be on the same page because my post tomorrow morning is about relevance.

  3. I'm suddenly feeling very shallow--my post tomorrow is about hair. haha.

    Frisky-you have lost me on the whole NASCAR thing...but I get relevance and how hurtful people judging your relevance can be. It's irrevelant what they think about you though because you are doing what is best for you and not everyone operates the same way.

    As for news, media, and people who put down any professional...I'd like to see them do their job and then they can judge.

  4. I totally get this post! Well -except for the NASCAR thing! lol You're awesome girlie!

  5. wow. and i just talk about people i don't like.

    such good points!!!!!

  6. I don't really understand the mania with NASCAR(or any sport really) but I think you make a pretty darn good point about relevance! The only thing I know about NASCAR is that Jeff Gordon is hot. And Dale's kinda cute too!

  7. relevant used to be such a fun word until everybody started using it! haha.
    but seriously. that's mean (telling you you're not "relevant"). it's also crap, i might add. their party is what's irrelevant! besides, you're relevant to the people who matter to you, and THAT'S what matters.

  8. How could Jr not be relevant to NASCAR? If nothing else, he is a great driver whose been dealt a lot of bullshit at the business end of NASCAR and his father was, in my opinion, the best driver of all time! Irrelevant? I think not. I hate haters.

  9. Only an irrelevant person would use the term "(ir)relevant." Case in point: Simon Cowell. He used to tell some of the American Idol contestants they/their singing was irrelevant. It really doesn't make sense.

  10. I never realised the word "relevant" was being used in this way. I would reply: "If I am not relevant, you are not germane".

  11. Why would you ask a bunch of groupie girls if they’d invite you to a party? Unless they randomly tell people out of the blue “we’re having a great party and you’re not invited”, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. I'm irrelevent all of the time. It's kinda my thing.

    Oh wait, no that should be "irreverent". I'm irreverent all of the time.

    {Very nice post, Frisky, and you are very relevent to all of us.~}

  13. Wow! Not relevant?? OUCH!! I find it to be very sad when people feel the need to cut people down simply to boost their own pathetic egos.

    On another, happier note.... I just started a fun game on my blog - I hope you will come play with me and invite your followers too


  14. Eva: I love basketball, too. Watched my Mavs win last night!

    Oilfield: That is weird, but in a cool way. :)

    Jewels: Agree completely and would love to see the same.

    Yvonne: Thank you!!! So are you! :)

    Lex: lol--Thank you!

    Estefanny: LOL--Gotta agree, both are handsome men. :)

    Aubree: You're right, telling someone they are irrelevant is cruel...and crap. ;)

    Jenner: Agree completely. Oh, I can't stand the haters! I just don't get the mentality.

    RawknRobin: Ooooh, you're right! I do remember when Simon used to say that to contestants--I never liked it...made me cringe. I felt so bad for those kids. I absolutely love Simon, but that did bother me.

    GB: Love it!

    Drake: Oh, heck no, I didn't ask to go to some groupie party. The groupie girls and I had one mutual friend (who was not a groupie girl, but had known a couple of them since childhood). One day after classes, they were talking about how at least one of them can get invites for people.

    At the time, I really didn't know what happened at groupie parties, and they certainly didn't elaborate--I just figured a "groupie" was someone who followed athletes and/or musicians, which never made sense to me.

    I really didn't know what to say, but didn't want to be rude, so I just politely commented, "Well, that sounds cool." That's when they said what they did. So, I guess it was kind-of random, or maybe I inadvertently invited it. Anyway, that's the background on how the comment came about.

    Katsidhe: You are so awesome! And thank you so much--you are a sweetheart! Guess that means you're an awesome sweetheart! :)

  15. Kelly: Good way of putting it. I've never understood it either.

    I will absolutely check out your blog game!!! :)