Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vomit Day Confession

In a comment posted on my last entry,Vomit Day#2 , Drake asked if I had any positive Valentine's Day stories.

Answer: No. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

Exception: I don't count my parents; they have ALWAYS tried to do something sweet for me on that wretched day, and I dearly love them for it. Likewise, I don't count the days when we were little ones and Teacher practically made everybody give everybody else one of those little single sheet cartoon-y Valentine's.

No, I'm strictly talking about the boy-girl, man-woman Vomit Day experiences. For me, if they weren't flat out terrible, they were nonexistent.

Even when I tried a silent protest by wearing thick black eyeliner, a black top, tight dark jeans, and dark nails on that ungodly day, I had people say, "Ooooh, what a pretty look on you!" or "Do you have a hot date tonight?" So not the ideal reaction. I'm protesting people!!! How is this unclear? 

I've never gotten flowers, whether via an e-flower or in the flesh; I've never gotten a Valentine's card; I've never gotten a cute little Valentine's cuddly-something.  Nothing. You know who got those things? You guessed it. The girls who were a sure thing or the seriously mean girls--we're talking MEAN with rotten intentions. I've never understood it.

Confession: I'm a hopeless romantic, so I WANT to like Valentine's Day, I really do. Even though it's totally over-commercialized and terribly cliche, I would love to know what it's like to have just one good memory for that day.

Until then....I will hate it with a burning passion that's stronger than a million suns.


  1. I agree with you, I want to like it as well but I am just too angry and bitter about being single to enjoy it.

  2. I've never once had a bad Valentine's Day...weird...but even single I've never had a bad experience with it...and I've had some really really great ones, too. That being said I'm really nuetral on the whole day.

  3. from a couple's point of view only: The first Valentine's Day is lovely, and that's it!

    Can I say this, even though, if I was single it would not make me feel better, but here it goes anyway: it's not about who loves you, its about the fact that you are loved. And you are.

  4. Valentine's Day is for needy, conventional women, Miss Virgin. I'm sure you'll experience far more romantic things in due course.

  5. Mike and I had one good valentine's day; and that was the first one. Period. It's a holiday for teenagers who won't have the same boyfriend in a year or two. Not for real people. Don't worry; the only thing you're missing out on is a ton of stress.

  6. I won't tell you that it's a dumbass, cliched, fabricated holiday and you really aren't missing anything because that would be unfair of me since I've been blessed enough to have had a few nice V-Days and you have every right to want to have one, too.

    I know that it's difficult, but it'll happen for you, Frisky. You are a funny, smart and genuine person and some lucky guy is gonna snatch you up and give you a hell of a V-day.

  7. I will hate it with a burning passion that's stronger than a million suns. -What an awesome line! It's like something out of a great novel.

    I hate when everyone gives me the usual dribble about how Valentine's Day is overrated and "just another day", and the worst one, "It will happen when you least expect it!" Bleh! I'd rather stab my eyeball.

  8. Never had a bad V-day ever...Single, married, divorced, almost married. Know why?

    I just don't care about it.

    I don't need to wait for one day a year to make someone feel special, I do it every day. And vice versa. Although, the chocolate is nice...

  9. Awww.....there's a Valentine out there for you; he just hasn't found you yet!

  10. Oilfield: I hear you. I try not to be, but this day just gets to me in a bad way.

    Jewels: Consider yourself lucky. My horrible luck with V-Day just hasn't helped with my impression of this day.

    Average Girl: I know you are right. When I was in school, I had so much hope leading up to V-Day year after year and the let down was remarkable. I just can't like it, not until (if) a good one comes along.

    Gorilla: That made me smile. Yeah, I don't need it, but I want it...just one to erase all the past bad ones. ;)

    Stephanie: I have to admit, the loathing of V-Day is rather enjoyable. It's like that one time of year I can spew venom.

    Katsidehe: Aww, thank you. You know, I do want just one good one. I can't help it, I do. I sure hope you are right.

    Yvonne: ROFL I swear, we think so much alike! Maybe it's a Texas thing. ;)

    Julianna: Oh, I agree that no one needs a day to profess their love--that should be an everyday thing. I just want that one good V-Day--just to erase all the bad ones. Just on principle. lol

    Eva: Well, he sure is taking a freaking long time! lol

  11. Like a lot of other, wiser, folk have said here so far . . . V-Day is mostly a non-event to adult people in *real* relationships. My wife and I certainly never do anything extra special on that day anymore.

    I'm not big on commercially-instigated holidays to begin with. But trust me, you soooo aren't missing anything!

  12. I hate it with a burning passion - along with you - and would rather stab my eyeball than look on the bright side - along with Yvonne.

  13. Well, sweetness, how about turning it on it's @ss then?

    I once gave a rose to a Spaniard I fancied on Valentine's Day.

    He thanked me profusely that evening (*ahem*) and returned the favour for the next several years (even after we stopped shagging).

    Sometimes, my love, we have to make our OWN happiness.

    Most of the time, actually.

    I like it that way.

    - B x

  14. I totally relate, i hate that day with a passion. Even more so now than ever. The one person I had hopes for, simply doesnt want anything to do with me either.

    Ridiculous day of the year.