Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sucky Snow

Well, winter has arrived. We're getting totally pounded by snow...and I'm less than thrilled.

Christmas snow is magical. Period. End of subject.

However, it's no longer that holly jolly time of the year, and snow without Christmas is absolutely pointless. Frosty won't come back to life with this stupid non-Christmas snow.  You can't sing the snow song from White Christmas without wanting to replace the word snow with another s-word.

Dumping over two feet of snow a couple of weeks before THE most grotesque, pathetic, Christmas-wannabe day of the year--Vomit, er, Valentine's Day--is cruel, mocking, and, well, sucky.

We should start naming snowstorms like we do hurricanes. I would name this one Sucky Suckdom...just because.



  1. *SNORT* Youre so funny! :) Im not too fond of V's day either!

  2. Sometimes I think even if I didn't have snow on Christmas day, I still wouldn't miss it! I am not a winter person, in the least!!

  3. A blizzard is total fun as long as you don't have to drive in it. For those idiots who just "have to" drive around for pointless things, just go home. It's not safe and you'll just end up in a ditch or a snow bank.

    It's very pretty outside, looking from my couch, all wrapped up in blankets. I'm not going out to access the damage until tomorrow morning!

  4. I also hate VD, just another way for companies to make a buck. If you are lucky enough to have someone you should be sweet to them year round, not just on some "hallmark" holiday.

  5. Aww, I love snow. I'm used to it being Canadian.

    Oh and I would so be your Valentine.

  6. Beware of Snownadoes!


  7. Bahahaha! This was too funny! I'm SO ready for Spring!

  8. Furry Bottoms: Thanks. :) I absolutely loathe Vomit Day.

    Jess: Yeah, I do not like being cold.

    ms. caboo: As long as I can stay inside and keep my power, it's okay. It is pretty, I grant you. Still, I like it better in December than Feb.

    Oilfield: Agree 100%

    Not The Hero: I think snow is beautiful, especially when it's on tree branches--it reminds me of a winter wonderland. I just don't like snow in Feb.

    And aren't you just so sweet, thank you--you've made my day. *hugs*

    Underground Dude: Yeah, um, that kinda freaked me out.

    Yvonne: Me too!

  9. I hear you ... I don't usually get sick of snow until mid-February, but this year has been, as we say in New Hampshire, a "pissah" lol