Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roses Are Red...Unless You Are Me...

I have a thing for flowers. I love 'em. My favorite flower is the daisy. It's just such a happy little flower. Every time I bring them home, I swear the house smiles...and so do I. My mom loves to make me blankets featuring all sorts of different daisy patterns, and let me tell you how they brighten up a room!

But, considering we are approaching the wretched day called Valentine's, I want to look at the unofficial V-Day flower: The rose.

Now, I love roses, I do, really (*clears throat* they in no way make me want to toss them in a sewer when I see them handed to an undercover soulless witch)...

...but, they have been a bit of a thorn in my side, as they have with all single women. Society conditions us at a very young age to recognize the rose as a universal declaration of love, acceptance, desire, etc.

Rose = relationship;
Rose = romance;
Rose = gag

Ooh, wait, that last one's my personal reaction. Sorry.

**I do have a favorite color you can guess.**

Due to this time of year, personal experience, and just the total randomness of my mind right now, I have this whole rose philosophy when it comes to the colors:

1. Red Rose: Unofficial Vomit Day flower and waaaaaay overused. Result: Nah, I'll pass.

2. White Rose: Innocence and purity. Huh! Well, this one was forever ruined when cute boy gave slut girl a white rose as a symbol of her purity. Turns out he was trying to kiss up for the ideal boy-V-Day, if you get what I'm saying.  Result: Not on your life. However, I wouldn't pass up a white rose with pink touches on the petals--those are just gorgeous.

3. Yellow Rose: Soooo, the popular kid in school! Okay, I know there is the famous song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, but the only Texas flower for me is the bluebonnet--love them. Result: Wouldn't turn 'em away. ;)

4.  Pink Rose: Poetic romance and sweetness. Aside from the fact that it's my very favorite color, the pink rose has always struck me as the one who quietly sits in the background, not needing to be the center of attention or flaunted about. I hardly see these featured, certainly when compared to the others.  Result: We have a winner! 

My two very favorite flowers: Pretty Pink Roses and Happy Daisies!

Please, no one tell me a bad story involving pink roses, I beg you. 

Wow...this was a random post...I never know where my pre-Vomit Day mind will carry me.

***Aw, who the heck am I kidding? I'd be jumping up and down, clapping, and doing the happy dance over any color rose at this point. ***


  1. Don't sweat it, you are not the only one alone on Monday. I am trying to be positive about it.

  2. You, Oilfield and I can have a single's party on blogger! :-) My personal favorite for roses are the peach/orange ones. Just LOVE them. :-)
    Nothing wrong with no liking red roses-I personally think they are over rated. I used to work in the flower shop my family owned and I loved when people branched out and gave something other than red roses on Valentine's Day!

  3. I have to agree with Jewels, I really like the orange hued roses. I do like daisies a lot too, it's one of the only flowers I can recognize.

  4. I use to get red roses for V day.. I like roses but in a mixed bouquet...

  5. Pink roses are close to perfection.

  6. I love flowers! Every once in a while, I will buy myself some and put in the living room. They do wonders for your mood and they smell so good! As far as roses go, I love them! ANY color but my fave is the peach as well. My favorite flowr is the tulips. They make me happy. Every year my sister, my mom and I, receive flowers -from one of my brothers. He's been doing that for as long as I remember. Just one though, I would like them to be from someone other than a family member. Is that ungrateful? I don't mean to be! Ugh!

  7. I agree, red roses are overrated. But I do love all flowers, mostly because of their colors and I do photography and they are always good for snapping a few.

  8. My ex used to send me flowers at work--we worked in the same hospital at the time. Everyone thought he was wonderful. Little did they know he was a total A**hole at home. He just sent flowers to me at work to make himself look good. As a result, al flowers are vomit blossoms to me! (I don't think he ever sent pink roses, though!)

  9. Hello. Single. Party of one.

    I wanna go the Valentine's Blogger Party too.

    Oh. Sorry I got distracted by Jewels' comment.


  10. I like roses in my favorite colors, yellow and orange. But I wouldn't kick a pink rose out of my... vase.

  11. I have to admit, I really love bright red roses. Not the small one we get in the flower shops, the one with those big petals.

  12. Your preference for daisies is admirable, Miss Virgin. Such a useful flower - a cup of daisy tea works wonders when I'm feeling windy.

  13. The white rose always meant death to me, but I can't remember why.

  14. I don't know that I've ever seen a pink rose before, but that picture is really picture!! I'm not a huge fan of the red rose, myself.

    I do LOVE daisies though. They just remind me of Spring and warm weather and happy times!!

  15. Ok--I love flowers of any kind. My sweetie likes to get me red roses on V-Day because they represent love. On our second date, which was on V-Day (kinda awkward!) he brought me white roses. On any other time that he sends me roses, it's a different color. He only sends red roses on special occasions. I love that he puts time into thinking about it. But really, I would be happy with any flowers! Although I have requested he save his money and not spend ridiculous amounts of it for V-day. Heck the week after, flower prices drop like a rock. Yes, I am one of those women who will always appreciate getting flowers. It never gets old. And, considering I never got flowers until I was 35, there's a lot of time to make up!

  16. I like white roses.
    Because I'm so pure.~

    Okay, not even I can keep a straight face and read that.

    Of roses, I do like the white ones best. No idea why. Daisys are a very pretty choice, Frisky.~

  17. Valentines are over-rated sweetie. Feel glad that you don't have do deal with the stress involved. My Grandpa is going to pass any day now; so while I'm involved with my family making him comfortable and as sad as I am, I have to wonder if I need to go get Mike anything for that god forsaken holiday when I'd rather just forget it. Geez. I wish I didn't have to worry about that right now.
    Pink roses are beautiful. Great choice. =]

  18. Daisies are my absolute favorite as well! Such friendly flowers :D