Friday, October 8, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust (Potentially): Brett Favre--Sexting?

You know it had to happen. Another supposedly happily married man, football icon, father, and grandfather, allegedly tried to get freaky with someone other than his wife. Shock (sense the sarcasm?).

Brett Favre allegedly sent pictures of his privates, along with some text messages and voicemails to a young woman he wanted to hook up with.  I'm not about to post the link here, but you can visit Deadspin for the disgusting details.

His wife is beautiful.  His wife has been there to support him through everything.  His wife is a breast cancer survivor.

Tell me, how does she deserve this, if the allegations are true? She doesn't. No woman does.

It's times like these when I have to wonder if a man can be loyal to one woman. From Tiger Woods to Jesse James, I will NEVER understand the necessity for these men to take the dog for a walk, if you know what I mean.  And, in some cases, have you seen the quality of women they hook up with? Eww. They can't compare to their wives on any level...not even close.

I'm not changing my decision to stay who I am, but I can't honestly say that stories such as this one don't chip away at me little by little.  This is not easy, my friends...not easy at all.


  1. Men can be loyal. It's the men who begin to think that they are entitled to do anything they wish. South Park had a very good episode on this.

  2. No excuse to cheat. Ever. At the same time, in most marriages, men -- and women -- don't just say, "I think I'll cheat on my wife [or husband] today." Some do, but usually, there were problems before. Don't let it chip away at your faith in relationships. It sounds terrible and insensitive, but unless you marry someone with a personality disorder, affairs are usually preventable.

    That's NOT to say it's the cheated-on party's fault. The cheater CHOOSES to cheat. But usually, there are warning signs. And if you're going to have a healthy relationship, you have to do the work.

  3. I think that like a lot of guys, Brett Favre probably got so full of himself that he thought he could do anything. It kind of shows with his dealings with the Packers and the Jets, and it's not surprising that that bleeds over into his private life.

  4. I'm waiting to pass judgment on Brett, still innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, these guys are constantly being targeted by all kinds of women, not that I am excusing any one of them. Being married to a celebrity, no matter of what kind, is something I am totally not interested in, too much drama.
    But guys can be faithful, just like women can and do cheat... a lot.

  5. I don't have any judgments but it does make me sad. I know enough non celebrity types to know that people does happen, but when you're a public figure...somehow it makes it worse. And I agree with George, not all men cheat. It's just that we only hear about the ones that do.