Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stereotype #9: Virgins Wear Long Skirts & Turtlenecks

Since it has been a pretty daunting week, I figured we'd have a little fun with one of the more amusing stereotypes I've come across.

"Virgins wear long skirts and turtlenecks."

Sigh. Another "virgins lack a fashion sense" stereotype. Virgins are typically portrayed in film as these dorky, pathetic, scholarly types, who all seem to dress the same way: overalls or long skirts, high-neck blouses or flannels, glasses, a pencil behind the ear, and countless library books weighing down their twiggy arms.  It's really frustrating.

First, turtlenecks can be sexy, so let's not knock the turtleneck. Not all of them are cut boxy; not all of them transform you into a giraffe.

Personally, I don't like long skirts--not my style--but there's nothing wrong with them. Aside from a long, flowing sarong that I've tied around my bathing suit for an evening walk on the beach, I've never worn a long skirt.

Glasses can be sexy. I'm not sure why this is always made to be the mark of a dork...or worse yet, a dorky virgin.

Bottom line is this: Many virgins have evolved past the fashion stereotypes. You likely won't be able to recognize a virgin just by looking. We aren't afraid to wear v-necks or fitted jeans. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always believed "sexy" follows class, elegance, and comfort more so than it follows the "show it all" outfits. Subtle sexy versus outright sexy. My mama always said to leave a little to the imagination, and she's never wrong (don't tell her I said that). :)

You want more proof that we've evolved past these ridiculous fashion stereotypes? Take a look at both current and former celebrity virgins--singers, actresses, models, etc. Now, I ask you, do any of them fit the stereotypical virgin mold? I don't think so.

I so hope this made sense--I'm still needing to catch up on some sleep from the week that has royally kicked my butt senseless.

Stereotype #9-SLAYED.

P.S. There's nothing wrong with being a dork...besides, I think there's a little dork that resides in all of us anyway.


  1. I love dorks, to tell you the truth.

  2. There is nothing wrong with glasses, long skirts (I love a nice gauzy flowy skirt in the summer) or turtle necks (though personally I feel like they are trying to strangle me). I also don't think I can spot a virgin by clothing...that's just silly.
    Some people think you can spot a virgin by their lack of flirting ability...I've also found this to be so wrong. They are usually full of pent up sexual tension and fabulous flirts. Stupid stereotypes! Glad you are busting them!

  3. Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that you don't all wear floor length skirts, horn rimmed glasses and work at the library? I will have to stop following this sight then.

  4. I sometimes wear glasses AND I have one long skirt. And I agree with you..all of the above can be sexy. It's has nothing to do with whether or not you are having sex...

  5. Turtlenecks are not my favorite, and neither are long skirts, I much prefer summer clothes. But I never connected this type of fashion with virginity., glasses yeah. I had to wear glasses when I was little and they scarred me for life...

  6. I've known some "not so virginal types" wink wink, who dress rather matronly, as my mom would have called it. And as Jewels pointed out, there are plenty of virgins who are serious pro's at flirting.

    I agree TFV, it's not about overt sexiness and flaunting your naughty bits as much as it's about class and finesse and knowing when to be coy and not so coy.

    Myth busted and put to bed for good! (no pun intended)


  7. P.S. There's nothing wrong with being a dork...besides, I think there's a little dork that resides in all of us anyway.

    Wait, I thought the whole point of this blog was that you hadn't had a dork in you, not even a little one.

    *runs around the room in celebration of his stupid joke*

  8. HAHA. Can you beleive people have such stupid stereotypes toward virgins?? It is ("was," for me)SO annoying.